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Q: How much did Germany pay for war reparations?
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Who was blamed for the war and had to pay war reparations?


How much were the central powers going to pay in reparations for their involvement in world war 1?

Germany was made to pay £6,600 million of reparations, however they did not pay it all.

What country had to pay reparations following World War 1?


How did Germany pay for the reparations of World War 1?


What country had to pay huge reparations after world war 1?


What country had to pay reparations after World War 2 ended?


How did France get the money in order to repair the damage after World War 1?

No. France was one of the major winners, and the winners don't pay reparations. The country that had to pay high reparations was Germany.

What European country wanted Germany to pay its high reparation cost?

France wanted Germany to pay reparations for the war.

Who was the main country to pay war reparations as a result of the treaty of Versailles was?


What country had to pay reparations after World War 2?

Japan, Italy, and Germany.

What territory of Germany was invaded when Germany failed to pay reparations after World War 2?

The Ruhr, a industrial area in Germany was invaded by the French. They invaded to take reparations by force.

What were the vast sums of money called that Germany had to pay back after ww1?

War reparations.