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Yes, because you could actually use your rights under the Articles of Confederation but with bristish rule you couldnt.

Like as in freedom of speech you may use it in the Usa but you couldnt under bristish rule, well at least not all the time

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Q: Were individual rights more secure under the Articles of the Confederation than British rule?
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Did the articles of confederation promise freedom and rights?

No. The Bill of Rights did promise rights and freedom for the citizens of the states but not the Articles of Confederation.

Assembly that replaced the Articles of Confederation?

The assembly that replaced the Articles of Confederation was the Bill of Rights.

Which statement accurately describes the relationship between the Northwest Ordinance and the Articles of Confederation?

The northwest ordinance added to the guidlines for american expansion that were introduced in the articles of confederation

Why was the lack of president bad in the articles of confederation?

The Articles gave the individual states rights, but it lacked a strong central government. There was no unifying national office.

The opposite of Articles of Confederation?

the bill of rights

What wasn't under the Articles of Confederation?

A bill of rights

Which of these was written first articles of confederation bill of rights US Constitutio Articles of Confederation or Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of Independence in 1776.

What document replaced the articles of confederations?

Bill of Rights

How were the problems between the articles of confederation corrected?

by the bill of rights

Was the first American constitution?

the bill of rights

How did the Constitution overcome the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

It allowed congress to do things they the couldn't when they had the Articles of Confederation around. Such as raise taxes and have natural rights.

Reason for the failing of Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation were not specific enough. Until the Constitution was written and the Bill of Rights were added, states such as Virginia refused to sign.