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Q: What City is Named After a European Monarch?
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What city in the United states is named after a European monarch?

obviously mexico

When was Lake Victoria named?

In 1858. The first European to sight the Lake was John Hanning Speke, He named the Lake after the British Monarch, Queen Victoria

What European country has a city named Toledo?


Why did they name the city Jamestown?

It was founded in May 1607 and named for the reigning monarch of England, James I.

What European city is named for the goddess Athena?


What vegetable in the mustard family is named for a European capital city?


List of the most common US city name etymologies?

Many US city names are named "New" followed by a European city name. Other cities are named after their founders.

When was lake Victoria discovered?

The first European to visit the lake was John Hanning Speke in 1858 and named the lake after the British Monarch, Queen Victoria

What was the first European city in the Americas?

Isabela was the first European city in America ♥ Kaylee Hensley --------------------------- It was Isabela. I think it was supposed to be named after a princess in Europe or a princess in one of the Americas.

Why is great Victoria desert named after Queen Victoria?

The Great Victoria Desert is named for the British monarch Queen Victoria.

What european country had pirates working for the monarch?


Is Hudson Bay a city or state?

Hudson Bay is a body of water in Canada named after the European that discovered it.