What caused the Rebellion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The cause of the is when the settlers arrive and when also the arrival of the surveyors to build a railway and the effect is Riel declares to be a provincial government the other effect is government sends troops west to fight Riel the result is that the Metis and first nations are defeated the other result is that more settlers arrive upland. I'm not sure if this is correct just go to this site and it will help you

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Q: What caused the Rebellion?
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shays' rebellion.

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His rebellion was against slavery in Jamaica.

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The federal whiskey tax produced the whiskey rebellion.

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The 18th amendment caused the Whiskey Rebellion. It was later repealed by the 21st amendment.

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The Stono Rebellion in 1791 was a slave revolt. The cause was basically that the slaves wanted to be free.