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Q: What city was Charlemagne crowned?
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What is the city of which Charlemagne crowned emperor in?

Charlemagne was crowned emperor in Rome.

Who crowned Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor?

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne.

What was Charlemagne crowned?

He was crowned as Holy Roman Emperor.

When was Charlemagne crowned?

Charlemagne was crowned as King of the Franks in 768. More importantly, he was crowned Emperor of the Romans (or Emperor of the West) on December 25, 800.

Who was crowned the new Roman emperor in ad 800?

Charlemagne was crowned the new Roman emperor in A.D. 800

What city was Charlemagne crowned emperor of?

Charlemagne was not crowned emperor of a city. He was crowned Emperor of the Romans, implying that he was ruler of the Roman Empire. There was, and still is, much controversy over this event. We do know know what the intent was or even who was behind it. Charlemagne is said to have taken the position that the coronation was a surprise to him, but many people have found that hard to believe. The Byzantine government, which still called itself the Roman Empire, took issue at the whole thing, as can well be imagined.

Who crowned Charlamenge Roman Emperor?

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans on December 25, 800 AD.

Why was Charlemagne crowned emperor of the Romans?

Charlemagne was not crowned emperor of the Romans. He was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor, which had nothing to do with ancient Rome. The so-called Holy Roman Empire was a Germanic kingdom of the Middle Ages.

Who crowned Charlemagne the emperor of the Romans?

no one did but the pope crowned him emperor of the franks.AnswerPope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in the year 800 in St. Peter's Basilicia.

What title did Pope Leo III give to Charlemagne?

Charlemagne was crowned (Western) Roman Emperor

How old was Charlemagne when he was crowned king?

We do not have a date for the birth of Charlemagne, but he is thought to have been 25 or 26 when he was crowned king. The date given for the coronation is October 9, 768.

What happened on Christmas day 800?

Pope Leo lll crowned Charlemagne 'Majestic Emperor' in the Great Basilica of St Peter's Rome