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Switzerland was absolutely neutral always!, turkey, Finland,

You should also include the following: England, France, Belgium, Austria, Czechoslovakia. (Split in 1993) Germany was split in two with East Germany Communist and West Germany not Communist. Norway, Sweden.

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Q: What countries in Europe were not communist after world war 2?
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What is the best description of eastern Europe countries after World War 2?


What role did Radio Free Europe play in Western countries' Cold War strategy?

Answer this question… It undermined communist ideology in communist countries.

What was the barrier that isolated communist countries during the cold war?

If you're referring to the barrier that separated communist countries in Europe from non-communist countries, the answer is the Berlin Wall.

In the following years world war 2 the countries of communist eastern Europe were often referred to as being behind the iron curtain These countries were perceived as a single region based on?

In the years following World War II, the countries of communist Eastern Europe were often referred to as being "behind the iron curtain." These countries were perceived as a single region based on.... Economic and political characteristics.

What was government like in Bulgaria after world war 2?

Bulgaria, like other countries in Eastern Europe, soon had a Communist government.

What countries were anti-communist during th cold war?

US and all of western europe

How did the Iron Curtain divide Europe?

Yes, the term "iron curtain" was coined during the cold war to describe the division between the Communist Soviet Union and the rest of Europe.

How did eastern Europe cobtrol its government from the 1950 and 1960?

From the end of World War II (1945) to the end of the Cold War (1991), almost all Eastern European countries were communist.

What are the non-communist countries after world war 2?

There were too many countries around the world to name to answer your question. It would be easier to name the communist countries and then you can figure out which countries around the world were not communist countries. These were the communist countries: China, North Korea, The Soviet Union and all its captured countries from World War 2 such as Czecholovakia, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic Nations, Lithuania, and others. Later Viet Nam became a communist country when the North Vietnamese defeated South Viet Nam. Most of the non-communist countries became part of the United Nations so you can look on the history of their list of countries.

Which countries became communist after World War 2?

The countries that became communist after World War 2HungaryBulgariaPolandNorth VietnamNorth KoreaChinaCubaLaosCzechslovakia

The countries that were and neutral?

Countries in Europe that were Neutral in World War I:NorwaySwedenDenmarkNetherlandsSwitzerlandSpain

What was the name of the tension between the US and Western Europe vs the Communist world after World War 2 called?

Cold War.