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When the Holy Roman empires was obliterated, it was destroyed by tribes of Slavs, Vandals, and other Gothic tribes, who made a point of coming in from a north-east or north-west direction and BYPASSING the northern areas of the Empire, since it had no great value to them aside from random plundering due to it being a branch-off and was mainly used as farming and small towns; the "meat" of the Empire lay in the East and West. As such: there was, in fact, no "northern" Roman Empire. The empire, when it was eventually split and destroyed due to a huge number of causes -best outlined in the book The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, written by Edward, Gibbon- was separated into the Western and Eastern halves. The Eastern half came to be known as The Byzantium Empire. The Western half became known as Mediolanum. This last attempt at a more wide-reaching "civiliaztion" ended in ~480AD. After that time, it would become informally, and then formally known as "The Dark Ages."

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Q: What people invaded the northern parts of the roman empire and why?
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What cultural impact did the british empire have in may parts of the world?

they turned the people they conquered into christians

Where was charlemagnes empire?

Charlemagne's empire, which is called the Carolingian Empire, included the following present day territories:France, except for BrittanyBelgiumthe NetherlandsLuxembourgMost of GermanySwitzerlandmost of Austriapart of Croatiathe northern half of Italythe eastern parts of the Spanish PyreneesIn addition, there are areas to the east of these that are considered tributary.There is a link below to a map of Charlemagne's empire

What country is Charlemagne from?

Charlemagne was born in the Kingdom of the Franks, which was mostly in what are now parts of France and Germany. He was crowned king, and extended his kingdom greatly, adding others to it, including Saxony, the Kingdom of Lombardy, and an area called the Spanish March, in northern Spain. In the end, he ruled nearly all of modern France, Germany, and Austria, all of Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, the northern half of Italy and parts of other countries. After he died, his empire was divided, and important parts became the Kingdom of France, and the Holy Roman Empire (Germany).

1 Who united Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire?

Europe is not united, and never has been. Each country within Europe has its own sovereignty and allegiances The Roman Empire never governed the whole of Europe. Much of Germany, all of Scotland and Ireland were never part of the Roman Empire. The Jutes, Angles and Saxons, for example, invaded Roman Britain from unconquered lands of Europe; the European Franks invaded the areas now called France; and the Huns and the Visigoths invaded other parts of the 'European' extent of the Roman Empire in the first 500 years AD. The fall of the Western part of the Roman Empire as often dated as 476, but individual local sovereignties had already begun to emerge by this time. After the Romans, different groups struggled for supremacy. However, not one of them achieved a united Europe. * For more information, see Related links below this box.

What was the European cause of war world II?

In 1938, Italy invaded parts of Africa, in 1939, the nazis invaded Poland which sparked retaliation by many governments.

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Which river boundary in the northern parts of the Roman empire was invaded?

The natural borders in the northern parts of the Roman empire in what can be called "central Europe" were the Rhine and Danube rivers. Incursions by Germanic Tribes for example were an ongoing problem for Rome. In the ending years of the empire, these river boundaries were crossed en mass by barbarians.

Where were the Germans originate from?

The came from the Northern and Western parts of Europe above the Roman Empire.

Were did the mayflower passengers think they were going to settle?

The northern Parts of Virginia

Why is the Ottoman Empire often referred to as a tri-continental empire?

The Ottoman Empire controlled parts of eastern Europe, southwestern Asia, and northern Africa, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the tri-continental empire.

Can you conquer Africa on empire total war?

Only the Northern Parts, Morocco to Egypt, and yes those are in Africa.

What happened to the government after the falling of the Roman Empire?

The German tribes who invaded the empire set up kingdoms in the territory of the former empire. Italy was never again united under the same government until the 19th century. Part was reconquered by the eastern Roman Empire under Justinian by his great general Belisarius (a Serb). But even he never conquered the whole area. There was then an infection of Plague similar to the Black Death of medieval Europe and most of the area was lost again to German kingdoms. Byzantium (eastern Roman empire) continued to control Ravenna and parts of the south. Sicily and parts of southern Italy were conquered by Muslims and held it until the southern par was invaded by Normans (the same sort of people who conquered England). The middle part was conquered by the Pope and became the papal states. The northern part became part of the Holy Roman Empire (a German kingdom of the Franks).

Who is in the battle Thermopylae?

Parts of the Persian Empire expeditionary force which invaded peninsular Greece in 480 BCE. A coalition of contingents from a dozen Greek city-states.

Who divide the Rome empires?

No one divided the Roman Empire. There was only one Roman Empire. Western and Eastern Roman Empire are terms which have been coined by historians. The Romans did not use them. The eastern and western parts of the Roman empire lost cohesion when the later was invaded by the Germanic peoples.

Which part of Russia might be easy to invade?

The easiest parts of Russian Empire are invaded already (by US Dollar which is the UK project): Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia... ;)

What continents did the roman empire spread?

The Roman Empire included parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

What did the incan empire call themselfes?

It is called Inca Empire, not Incan. The people were the Inca. They called their empire as Tawantinsuyu,which means our parts together.

What parts of India did the Rajput people come from?

The Rajput people came from the Central Northern parts of India. They claim to be known as descendents of warriors from Central Northern India around the 6th - 12th Centuries.