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the USA and the USSR

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Q: What were the two powerful countries that were called the superpowers?
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What is a world with two superpowers called?

multi polar

Which countries were considered superpowers after world war 2?

Democracy (aka the Free World) and Communism combined to defeat Fascism in World War 2. It was only natural that these two ideologies should become adversaries after the war. The USA and USSR emerged as the two most powerful countries on the winning side, so they became the global superpowers for the next four decades. * The rivalry between the USA and USSR is long and complicated, and they became superpowers as a result, with Great Britain and France remaining as world powers for Democracy, and the People's Republic of China emerging as a world power for Communism. * In the postwar years, a country could not be a world power without a nuclear arsenal, which is why the five countries named above became the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Today, many other countries have nuclear weaponry, but they are not world powers, let alone superpowers.

What two countries were viewed as superpowers after world war 2 and what was their relationship?

USA and Russia were viewed by many as 'super powers'. Their relationship was antagonistic.

Why were the US and Russia called Superpowers?

They were the first countries to have nuclear bomb capabilities. Of the nuclear-armed countries, the US and USSR were the only two with enough warheads to destroy the world several times over, and conventional forces greatly in excess of those needed for national defense.

What was the most powerful country in 1968?

There were two countries which were considered to be the most powerful in the world in 1968. These countries included the Soviet Union and the United States.

Why did the two superpowers never fire a shot?

Based on weapons stockpiles, there was mutually assured destruction if the two superpowers went to war

What conflicts resulted from the global confrontation between the two superpowers?

What kinds of conflicts resulted from the global confrontation between the to superpowers

Which of the two superpowers during the cold war was more successful in achieving its aims?

It should be obvious that Russia is called Russia today; and not the USSR.

After World War 2 which 2 countries were involved in the cold war?

Firstly, they weren't countries they were 2 "Superpowers" of The USA (America) and The USSR (Russia), the war is considered "Cold" due to the fact that there was no actual fighting involved between the two, merely wars that they meddled with, Korea and Vietnam being prime examples.

Which two countries are called the Iberian countries?

Spain and Portugal

What developed between the two most powerful countries of World War 2?

The Cold War

What two countries were considered the most powerful in the late 1400s and early 1500s?

China portugal