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In depends what way you like to think cause they were more else than the Russians

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Q: When did Chechnya form their own state?
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When was Chechnya created?

Chechnya was created in 1991.

Russian president Vladimir Putin used military force to suppress a rebellion in the state of?


When did Chechnya win its independence?

Chechnya is not independent. It is part of Russia.

Is Chechnya a country?

No. Chechnya is an Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation.

Is Chechnya a sovereign country?

No. Chechnya is an Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation.

What groups are targeted for genocide in Chechnya?

the Chechan people are targeted in the Chechnya Genocide

What difficulties does chechnya pose to Russian leaders?

Russia is frustrated by continuing problems with terrorists in Chechnya. Chechnya has always been difficult to rule or control.

Can a part of a state break away and form its own state?


Which country is the Chechnya in?

Chechnya is located in Russia. It is a federal subject of Russia situated in the North Caucasus region.

What country does Chechnya border?

Chechnya is one of the numerous provinces of the Russian Federation (Russia) and is not an independent country. The only non-Russian territory that it borders is Georgia. Starting from 12 o'clock and moving clockwise, it borders the Russian provinces of Dagestan, Georgia*, Ingushetia, and Stavropol Krai. *Georgia is independent, not a Russian province. Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and is the 41st state of the Council of Europe. Chechnya borders Georgia.

Is Chechnya Europe or Asia?

Chechnya is a region in the North Caucasus, located in Eastern Europe. Geographically, it is considered part of Europe.

What is the derivation of the name kosovo what does the name kosovo mean?

Kosova is Albanian. always will be, always has been. Serbia and kosova is like china and Tibet, russia and chechnya lol. Serbia is china/russia while kosova( their own land) is Tibet/chechnya it means blackbird