Does a cheek cell have a vacuole?

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Yes, the cheek cell does have a vacuole, because it is an animal cell.

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Q: Does a cheek cell have a vacuole?
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Related questions

Is there vacuole in cheek cell?

Yes there are vacuoles in cheek cells, it is was made your skin white.

What two organelles are not found in a cheek cell?

Chloroplast and vacuole

How is a cheek cell different from a cactus cell?

A cheek cell is from an animal. A cactus cell is from a plant.

What are the differences between a palisade cell and cheek cell?

chhel doesn'y have chloroplasts it has a large vacuole

What are the difference between onion cell and cheek cell?

There is no difference between the onion cell and a cheek cell except that the onion cell, being a plant cell, has a cell wall and a larger vacuole.

Advice dense structure present in the centre of a cheek cell?

may be vacuole

Do cheek cells and pondweed cells have vacuole?

Cheek cells are animal cells and therefore will have small vacuoles inside the cell. Pondweed cells are plant cells and have a large central vacuole in the middle of the cell. The plant cell vacuoles are very important for maintaining the turgor pressure of the plant cell.

What is the difference in cell structure between an onion cell and a human cheek cell?

The onion cell is a plant cell and the human cheek cell is an animal cell. The onion cell would have cell wall, vacuole, and granules of starch or oils. The animal cell would have none of these.

How do cheek cell differ from the cell of the onion cell?

Well a cheek cell is an animal cell and and onion cell is a plant cell. The plant cell has chloroplasts which convert sunlight into energy. It also has a large central vacuole for storing water and things. An animal cell has no cell wall.

Do cheek cells have a vacuole?

Cheek cells usually have a vacuole. The cheek cells are part of the human cells and are therefore classified as animal cells which usually have vacuoles.

When the onion cell is placed in the pure water the size of the cell would be bigger after one hour but when you placed the cheek cell into the pure water it will burst why is that so?

An Onion cell as a contractile vacuole. This allows the cells to remover more water especially when placed into a hypotonic solution. An epithelial skin cell of the cheek does not have a contractile vacuole. The acess water cannot be stored, therefore the cell bursts.

What cell parts are found in plant cells but not in cheek cells?

Organelles that are found in plant cells only include: cell wall, chloroplast and large central vacuole.

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