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A hamster usually won't eat her babies unless if it is ill and/or dying. The mother may also eat her baby if anyone has touched it. If you touch a baby the mother will smell an un-natural scent and the first thing she'll think is 'danger'. A hamster.. in this case.. will either abandon the baby or eat it to keep her other babies safe.

If you have a pregnant hamster; DO NOT pick up the babies when they are born (even though its hard to resist). It'd probably be best if you left the mother and her babies alone for a while. When you clean the cage, work around the mom. You don't want to disturb or distress her in any way.

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Q: Does the male hamster eats their own babies or the female?
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Will a male and female hamster fight?

first the female and male will have babies and after that they will fight and the male will try to kill the female and the babies

Does the male hamster have to be around when female hamster having a babies?

Do not put the male around the female! Some male hamsters eat the babies, I'm not kidding.

Can male hamster have babies?

No, only a female hamster gives birth.

Will female Robo Dwarf Hamster have babies if there are no male?

No, there has to be a male so the female can get pregnant.

Do a female teddy bear hamster need a male hamster to have babies?


Why cant the male hamster be with the female and babies?

The male hamster might deside to eat the babies. It sounds funny, but it is true. XO

Can the baby dwarf hamster be with the male also?

Yes, the dwarf hamster is the only kind of hamster that the babies can be with the male and female. He can actually help raise the babies.

Do you have to separate the male and female hamster after mating?

You can leave them in the same cage ONLY if they are dwarf hamsters. No other breed of hamster can you put the male and female together with the babies, the male will hurt, kill, or even eat the babies. The male dwarf hamster, however, can actually help raise the babies with the female.

Will a female hamster fight with the male hamster after it doesn't have the babies?

No. However, the male may pressure the female to have sex. Animals have no dignity after all. ^^

When a female grasshopper finds a male grass hopper and then she gets babies does she eat the babies or does the female grass hopper eat the male grass hopper?

She eats the Male grasshopper as for humans we do not eat babies or does the female human eats the male human.

When the female hamster has baby do you take the male out?

Yes, the male can eat the babies if you don't.

Why does the male hamster eats the baby hamster?

Female hamster sometimes eat their young too. This is happens sometimes, if you want you can separate the baby from its parents and care for it in a special way (can be found in a book or you can Google it). The male hamster shouldn't be with the babies either way. The male should only be with a female if they are to breed. If you want the cannibalism to stop, separate the male from the children.

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