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Most dogs are cropped between eight and twelve weeks of age. Any older than this and the ears would likely not stand properly.

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Q: How old is too old for ear cropping a dog?
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What is dog ear cropping?

Dog ear cropping is when you crop the dog's ear. You cut of partly the dog's ear to make it shorter. It kind of depends on how much you crop it to make the ear look like a "pig's ear". Thank You for reading. Read Below.1.) If you have read this, go to ROBLOX.com2.) Go to People in the middle-ish of the screen3.) Search Marisa8889933 (That's not my actual name BTW)4.) Click the first one.5.) That's what a rich ROBLOX character looks like.6.) You should Register and make a ROBLOX account too. You can also pay for Builder's Club.7.) Once you make an account, PM me so I know if you read this. Bye!

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