What is a mufloni?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mufloni are wild goats that are endangered and they live on the island of Gigli in Tuscany.

the word mufloni also describes their wool.

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Q: What is a mufloni?
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What do mufloni eat?

Mufloni goats, are herbivores. They eat a wide variety of plants and vegetables. Mufloni goats have also been known to eat fruit.

What can mufloni do?

The mufloni goats are mountain goats. They can live in the wild without human help. They are an endangered species.

What Are the Characteristics of the Mufloni goat in Gigli Italy?

Mufloni goats are wild with large, curved horns. Mufloni goats are short haired with red-brown coats which can have dark back-stripes and white to cream colored saddle patches. They are currently endangered.

What do mufloni goats look like?

Like this

What is the Mufloni Goat?

It is an italian goat that is an endangered species.

What is a mufloni goat habitat?

It is in Gibgi a island that is part of Italy

What is the name of the goat-like animal that lives in Italy?

the mufloni gout

How did mufloni goat become endangered?

it attacked people sothey hunt for it

How old do mufloni live up to be?

They live up to 20 years of age.

Animals native to Italy?

on the island of gigli in tuscarny there are wild goats called mufloni

What animals and plants live in Italy?

brown bears, llamas, mufloni and peregrine falcon

What are 2 native animals of Italy?

A mufloni a type of goat and a Parnassus Apollo a type of butterfly.