What is the cost to build a dog pen?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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This will depend of course on the size of the pen, and the thickness of the pad you plan to pour. Whether you do it yourself or contract it will affect the cost as well. Quick Crete Cement mix comes in 60 and 80 pound bags. Their web site (see link below) provides a calculator for determining how many bags you will need for a 4" and a 6" slab, by square footage. To determine the square footage of your slab, multiply the length by the width. For instance, a 5' by 5' slab is 25 square feet. For a slab this size, it would be best to have a portable mixer, as a 4" slab will require 19 - 60 pound bags or 15 - 80 pound bags. Portable mixers are often available for reasonable rent at many hardware stores and at most equipment rental stores. Incidentally, an 80lbs. bag of cement mix will cost you around $7-10 each. Additionally, you will need a scree (a board that over laps each side of your forms that you use to level the mixed cement), 2x4 or 2x6 lumber for forms, a rake and shovel for moving wet cement, a trowel for smoothing it, and a float for finishing it. The cost can add up quickly. The tools you can rent, but the lumber will have to be purchased. An alternate solution would be to cement the posts below ground, and block the whole pen in with 6x6 untreated lumber, dig down inside the enclosure to the bottom of the 6x6'es and line it with concrete backer board. Over this fill in the space with pea gravel. The gravel will create an easy to clean space that is comfortable for your dog, and the backer board is weather resistant and prevents digging out. Sand is another alternative to pea gravel and can be less expensive.

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The cost to build a dog pen varies by location, materials, and of course, the size and utility/function of the intended dog pen. For a simple, fenced in box, a dog pen could cost less than 20 dollars in terms of supplies (assuming the labor is done by the individual and not outsourced) or up to 300 dollars.

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Q: What is the cost to build a dog pen?
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