10 weeks pregnant with a snotty yellowish mucus with no smell is this normal?

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Yes, perfectly normal.
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Could you be pregnant if you had a snotty mucus discharge?

In order to answer this question effectively, you need to provide a little more information. However, I will try to answer the best that I can. A few days before ovulation is

Is it normal to be 11 weeks pregnant with a low laying placenta and having snotty discharge?

Answer . \nSnotty discharge should not be too much of a concern as long as it is clear. Bloody discharge could be a problem so call your Dr. if you don't have a Dr, get

Is it normal to have a bloody mucus discharge the morning after sex when 39 weeks pregnant?

Answer . Sounds like your "show" meaning everythings starting for the birth. Congrats. . Answer . Actually, it isn't typical to still be having sex at 39 weeks pregnan

I am 10 weeks pregnant and I'm very depressed is that normal?

Becoming pregnant can bring with it feelings of depression, and these occur in many to-be mothers, but it is not necessarily normal. If you are feeling depressed, please consu

Is it normal to smell after sex when pregnant?

Yes, and no.. A man puts a deposit in your vagina after having sex, so it is going to have some sort of smell. If you think the smell is very bad or clumpy, you might want to

I am 10 weeks pregnant and don't feel pregnant is this normal?

yes it is very normal not to feel pregnant this early. I am 10 weeks and 3 days and the only thing that is different is my breast tenderness, I dont have morning sickness or a
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Is belly growling at 10 weeks pregnant normal?

Well I am 9 weeks pregnant and it feels like my belly is constantlygrowling I feel embarrased sometimes but it is all perfectly normalso my Doctor has told me.
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Are snotties dripping cave mucus?

Sort of, they are single celled organisms that can burn you by the touch. They also may give us a theory that there is life on other planets. :]
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Is it normal to have yellowish discharge in 35 weeks?

Yellowish discharge usually indicates a yeast infection. As you're pregnant, you will need to see your Doctor for some cream to apply vaginally to clear up the infection.