A UK citizen marries us citizen in California. Can the UK citizen take children out of country legally without the us citizen consent?

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I am not sure about the UK but to Mexico the children have to have both parents consent to fly into and from Mexico.. My husband also had to go to the visa office and sign a papper giving his permission.. Hope this helps some..
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If a US citizen marries a visiting UK citizen in the US would the UK citizen become a US citizen and what would he have to do to become one?

No, the UK citizen would not become a US citizen. First the UK citizen would have to apply through INS for a work permit and perminent residency. The work permit will be issued within month (probably), but perminent residency could take 18 months or more; during which time the applicant would be exp (MORE)

Can a UK citizen marry a US citizen while vacationing in the US?

You can but be aware, that the UK citizen cannot legally change their status while in the US. It depends on where you both want to live.. If the US citizen wants to come back to the UK, a marriage visa is needed from the British Embassy in the US.. However if the UK citizen wants to live in the US (MORE)

What paperwork is needed for a US citizen to marry a UK citizen in the US when they plan on settling in the UK?

In the way of actual paperwork, none apart from the marriage license. The UK citizen comes in on a visa waiver and you can get married in the US.. For the US citizen to get to the UK, that is where the paperwork comes in. You both need to go to the UK embassy in the US and apply for a marriage visa (MORE)

Can 2 UK citizens get married in the US?

Answer . You can if you become a U.S citizen, but all you have to do is go to the couthouse of the town that you want to be married in and ask for the papers. In CA you can get married even you are non-citizen as long as you have proper identification such as passport.

What are the requirements for a UK citizen to marry a us citizen in the United States the UK citizen here on visa.?

i am a UK citizen and have married a us citizen, the US citizen (fianc(e)) has to send of a I-129F petition basically asking for permission to marry a non citizen, it includes forms about each other (biographical information) proof you are together (pics, tickets etc) statements saying you are toget (MORE)

How can a UK citizen work in the US?

you can apply for a working permit or visa something like that and that will let you work for a specific amount of time and I believe you can renew it .

If you are a UK citizen who has just married a us citizen in the us is it easier to get a visa in the UK or the us so you can be together?

UK citizens do not need visas to enter the us,however, if you are both planning to live in the us i would advice you to get married in the us and apply for a greencard after your marraige.if successful you will be given a 2 year conditional stay. you will be given a green card after your conditional (MORE)

Can a UK citizen marry US citizen and get citizenship in USA straight away?

Answer . Not likely.. In most countries [taking Australia as an example] the "incoming" party will only have a "temporary visa" which endures for some two years. The idea being to elminate the chances of the marriage being a "convenience marriage", whereby the resident party has merely married [ (MORE)

US citizen marries a legal alien?

That legal alien will have status of US citizen. Bad answer. The alien must apply and QUALIFY foe citizenship. Ther are several disqualifiers.

Can a UK citizen buy a car in US?

I had a Norwegian buddy in college who owned a Honda, and every illegal immigrant can buy a car. Cars aren't restricted to US nationals.

Does a UK citizen become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen?

Answer. Not anymore. Not since 9/11. I believe that if the two of you marry in the US, the one of you who came from the UK has to go back to your country and submit a form to reside in the United States. This can take as long as 2 years before approval is given. If on the other hand you have a crim (MORE)

Can a US citizen marry UK citizen and get citizenship in UK?

Sometimes. A US citizen can marry anybody he/she likes. If a US citizen marries a UK citizen, that alone will not entitle him/her to UK citizenship. The US Citizen will stand to lose the US citizenship if he/she applies to get naturalized as a US citizen. UK citizenship can be acquired sometimes (MORE)

How does a us citizen become a UK resident?

A US citizen would have to apply for a visa and become resident. Alternatively they could marry a UK citizen. In addition a British Company could invite the US citizen to work in the UK and apply for a work visa on their behalf. There are quite a few ways to do it legally.

Can a US citizen legally marry a Mexican citizen?

Yes, there is no citizenship requirement for obtaining a marriage license in any U.S. State. There are, however, other requirements, such as minimum age and prohibitions against incestuous or polygamous marriages. In most states of the U.S., parties to a marriage must be of opposite gender. In Me (MORE)

How long can a UK citizen stay in the US without a visa?

You need a visa to even enter the United States. Without one you can be deported immediately. This is incorrect. The tourist must have a passport to enter the country, not a visa. Typically, the "stamp" in your passport is good for 90 days. If the traveler wants to exceed those 90 days, they must (MORE)

What is a UK citizen?

Britain is the larget island of the British Isles { look at a Map }. The United Kingdom { UK } is made up of Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland The people of the UK are collectively called British - ie. British Citizens There is no such thing as a UK Citizen, only a British Citizen (MORE)

Does a UK citizen requiere a visa for the US?

if you are staying there on holiday no but if you are staying for more than 2 months or buying a house or getting a job there then yes you do i think they have now introduced a new law about renting there with a visa but i dont know ill look into it and get back to you :)

How long does it take for a us citizen to marry a Mexican citizen?

This depends on the marriage laws of the jurisdiction in which you are married. First, you must obtain a marriage license. In some U.S. states, you must then wait a prescribed number of days, in other U.S. states, the marriage can be performed the very same day. As soon as the completed marriage lic (MORE)

Can two UK citizens marry in the US?

Yes, many couples from the UK go abroad to marry, many to the USA. It saves having to invite all of the relations that you haven't seen for 20 years to the wedding !

You are a US citizen and marry out of country and your spouse is not a US citizen?

You can apply for Diversity Visa Lottery Program for your spouse. Also, you can get spouse visa for her/him initially (if s/he is not in US presently). Once s/he is here you can go for the Green Card process. The United States Green Card Lottery, also known as Diversity Visa Lottery program is an o (MORE)

Can a Pakistani marry with a UK citizen?

Assuming you mean marrying in the UK - Provided they are 'lawfully present' in the UK (ie not an illegal immigrant or failed asylum-seeker), and both parties are free to marry, there is no reason why not.

Can UK citizen walk into Mexico from US?

Legally, you can if you have a visa and show it to the border police. Illegally, you can do it the same, except don't walk past the border police. The border control is much more leniant when going from US to Mexico, because the Mexicans don't care as much. But when walking from Mexico to US, g (MORE)

Can a UK citizen marry a US citizen and live in the US?

100% yes, you can once you are still married Yet, immigration service will interview both parts together and individually to check if it is not an arranged marriage. Sometimes they ask for proofs like pictures been together, dating, etc. It does not matter what country you come from (meaning outs (MORE)

Is it legal for a US citizen to marry a non-citizen in US?

No problem. All it takes as a valid marriage license. If the individual is in the US legally, they may be able to obtain permanent residency, but check the appropriate immigration laws to make sure you are not separated for several years!

Can you take a rental car from the US into Canada if you are a UK citizen?

It would depend on the policies of the company you rent the car from. As long as your driver license is valid, getting the car shouldn't be a problem. Whether you can drive it out of the US and into Canada is something you need to specifically ask the rental agency. There may be a mileage limit o (MORE)

Can an Indian marry a UK citizen?

from my own knowledge it depends on the persons religion, in some religions you just marry someone from the same religion, but if this does not applt to you then , yes there are no laws against it