A mother with deceased daughter with living children have first burial rights over living children?

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That is a really tricky one...I hate to say it, but I think the living children have first burial rights IF they are adult age (18+)...because the way i think of it, when your daughter became an adult, you ceased being her guardian...you may wanna ask a lawyer though
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How could you go about signing over the rights of your children to their mothers?

Answer . \nI would suggest to abstain from sex because you are getting into very expensive territory with lawyers. I have no idea how many children you have, but you should be paying child support or at least taking courses on safe sex. Why am I being so flippant with you? Because these are yo (MORE)

Can children of a deceased son claim part of his inheritance when his mother died after him and had joint account with daughter?

Answer . \nIf the matter concerns the joint account it is not likely any of the funds would be subject to distribution to other family members. When bank accounts of any sort are held jointly they are generally held as Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship (JTWRS). This means that upon the d (MORE)

Can children who live with a mother who is a sociopath be helped by the estranged father?

Answer . Be sure your wife was diagnosed by a proper doctor and he determined she was a sociopath. If this is true, then you do have a right to take your children to a Child Psychologist and I suggest you do. However, if the damage is great you are going to have to seek legal counsel for a sep (MORE)

Can a man live in a home with his children and their mother and not be intimate with her?

Answer . It depends on the individuals. If you live downstairs and they are upstairs then yes, it's possible. If your ex wife and yourself plan on dating it's best that you live in your own separate places because of the children as seeing their parents date would only upset and confuse them m (MORE)

If a mother does not want her children can she sign over her rights to one of her older children?

Answer mum handing over child . hi, it depends on how old the other older person is. im am almost 100%sure that there would be a certain age for transferring legal right to someone else. but to safeguard the child and the mother handing over responsibility of the child i would suggest going throu (MORE)

Do grandparents have rights to grandchildren if the children mother is dead she was the grandparents daughter and the parents of the children were not married?

yes because if aleast one of the grandparents were blood related then the grandparent who is blood related. but it may not be best if the granparents dont live in a good enviorment like in a trailor house. but if that is the only thing they can afford and the children needed to be taken in imedeantl (MORE)

What happens when deceased mom leaves home to her three children and one lives in the home?

Legally, all three own an equal share in the home. The fact that one lives in the home is legally irrelevant. Before she died, one of the children was living in the mother's home, owned by one person. Now, one of the children is living in a home owned by 3 people.. Property owned by multiple people (MORE)

Can a divorced mother with children live with another person?

Unless there is some sort of very strange, and probably illegal clause in your custody agreement that forces you to be alone for the rest of your life, then of course you can live with someone. This of course depends on whether the order prevents you from moving to another town or state and you wo (MORE)

If a mother signs over her rights to her children does she still have to pay child support?

Perhaps, even if the court grants a Termination of Parental Rights petition it does not mean the requesting parent will be relieved of his or her financial obligation, that decision is made by the judge.. A TPR is not a venue to allow a parent to escape their financial obligation to a minor child, (MORE)

Who has legal rights if my fiance deceases myself or his adult children?

Your "fiance's" children are his legal next of kin. \n. \nIf he dies intestate they will inherit his property under the state laws of intestacy. If he writes a will and leaves property to you, the will must meet any statutory requirements for disinheriting children. Otherwise the children may be ab (MORE)

If a married couple was separated and live in separate household and the children was living with the mother and mother dies who gets children?

It is going to vary depending on the state, but I know in Maryland the father gets them.. Added: USUALLY the non-custodial parent will be awarded full custody. HOWEVER - it can vary depending upon the circumstances and a decision of the court. If the non-custodial parent's rights are challenged, a (MORE)

Do the children of a deceased father have a right to view the will?

As soon as the will has been filed in probate it becomes a public record. You can go to the probate court where the will is filed and ask to review the file. You can then request a copy of the will (or any other document in the file) or make a copy at the public copier if one is available. As the pr (MORE)

Can a mother living in California move out of state with her children?

If the parents have joint physical custody and joint legal custody and both are in compliance with the agreed upon schedule, the mother will need the father's permission to move the children out of state. I know of a case in CA where children were being moved back and forth between two homes on oppo (MORE)

What rights do children of deceased parent have if they are not mentioned in will?

You need to check the laws in your particular state since state laws vary regarding the drafting of wills. In some states a child need not be mentioned in a will and the disinherited child can do nothing except try to challenge the technical validity of the will. In some states the testator must men (MORE)

Your aunt died intestate with one living sibling and the other sibling was your deceased mother. You have three living siblings and one deceased sister. Would her children be heirs of your aunt?

Answer Generally, yes. The same rule would apply in each case. You and your siblings inherited your deceased mother's interest and your sister's children would inherit their deceased mother's interest as well. You can check the laws of intestacy for your state at the related question link provided (MORE)

Do biological children have a right in the estate of their mother over a stepfather?

It depends upon the laws of the state in which the person resided at the time of death. In many states where a will does not exist the surviving spouse "automatically" becomes sole owner of all personal and real property aquired during the marriage. Other states have laws in which the children of th (MORE)

What do children do for a living?

Many children go to school. They need to learn as a "living" while they are young. After obtaining knowledge, they will be able to go to college or find a career. A lot of children may prefer watching television for a living, however, a balance between education and entertainment will get them furth (MORE)

What are father's visitation rights when he lives out of state and his children live in South Dakota with their mother?

That matter must be addressed by the court that has jurisdiction over the divorce and the children. The father must file a petition for visitation and request a court ordered schedule that may include some school vacations and some time during the summer vacations. That matter must be addressed by (MORE)

How do french children live their lives?

Salut: French children are just like all other children. They play outside, learn in school, have toys and games, etc. Thye do differ however in that they are generally a bit more integrated into the cultures of the country and moral cultures (manners, art appreciation, etc) than say children in the (MORE)

What rights do the children have regarding a deceased parent's ashes?

If there is no surviving spouse, or, at least in the state of Iowa, no designate; then all surviving children of the deceased are considered the legal next of kin. It is not illegal in any way to divide ashes. It is general practice in the Funeral Industry to deliver cremains (ashes) to which ever c (MORE)

What if daughter is living in house after deceased mother and executor lives out of town?

Your question is rather sketchy. You have not said whether the daughter in question is a minor or an adult, or whether there is a designated guardian for her, or what provisions the will makes for her. Even though the executor lives out of town, you can presumably phone or email this person and disc (MORE)

Do children have rights in or to community property if father dies but mother is living?

You need to check your particular state laws. In a community property state each spouse owns a one-half share of the marital property. In some states a spouse can dispose of their interest by their will to someone other than their surviving spouse. Upon the death of one spouse state laws vary on (MORE)

How do you sign over your rights to your mother you are the mother of the children?

You must visit the probate and family court and your mother must petition to be appointed the legal guardian for your children. The father must consent, or, there must be a hearing if he objects. You must visit the probate and family court and your mother must petition to be appointed the legal gua (MORE)

I am the only child of my father who is deceased. His mother passed away in California. She has one daughter and one step-son living. What are my rights to her estate if she had no will?

I am assuming that your grandmother does not have a spouse who is still living. In California, if a resident dies without a will or trust, then the laws of intestate succession are used to determine who will inherit the estate. If your grandmother was not married, then the estate would be divided in (MORE)