Advantages and disadvantages of telephone systems?

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Telephone systems are now evolving. We have the VoIP system where in calls are routed over the internet. The benefits of this sytem are far greater compared to the traditional phone. Its disadvantages are its reliability to the the internet connection and to the main power source. If these systems went down your VoIP pbx system will also go down.
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You do not name the system. Need a noun here. oh and that is not an actual question unless it is rhetorical or you are expressing disbelief by repeating what you are suppose

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Telephones allow for relatively instantaneous connection between people, though it is simply auditory in nature so you have no visual cues (body language, facial expressions).

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An advantage would be its old and an antique and a disadvantagewould be its niot quick and esy to use like an normal telephone. telephone switchboard is a telecommunications

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