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After eating garlic can the smell come through your pores?

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Yes it can and there is nothing worse than smelling garlic off a person.  If you take garlic pills for good health (garlic is good for you) then take the odorless ones at your local health food store. We all have garlic in our pasta sauces, etc., so buy those melting mouth strips, chew mint gum, or use a spritz in your mouth if you know you are going to be close to others after eating the garlic.   GARLIC CAN LEAK THROUGH YOUR PORES YES! When a Garlic cell is broken by chopping, chewing, or crushing, enzymes stored in the cell trigger the breakdown of several compounds containing sulfur (such as Diallyl Sulfide and Allicin)  which are responsible for the sharp taste and strong smell of garlic. It's kind of crazy that we love to eat Garlic cloves considering the compounds found in this plant are believed to have evolved as a defense mechanism deterring animals from ingesting the plant. When eaten in large quantities, garlic may be strongly evident in your sweat and breath the following day. This is because garlic's strong smelling sulfur compounds are metabolized forming allyl methyl sulfide. AMS cannot be digested and is passed into the blood. It is carried to the lungs and the skin where it is excreted. Since digestion takes several hours, and release of AMS several hours more, the effect of eating garlic may be present for a long time. Remedies- Garlic breath/smell is allegedly alleviated by eating fresh parsley. The herb is therefore included in many garlic recipes. However, eating parsley provides only a temporary masking. One way of accelerating the release of AMS from the body is the use of a sauna. If none of this works I would avoid contact with members of the human species for 48 hours, In fact I wouldn't want to put my dog or pet parrot through that pain either.  
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there are some very strong spices that may breathe out through your pores, eg: too much garlic and certain types of curry and paprika, but only if this is consumed in large qu