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Are the hamburgers and fries in Spain at McDonald's gluten-free What are the exact ingredients and whathow are they prepared Any cross contamination issues?

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Generally speaking, no restaurant food is safe from cross-contamination, especially when food handlers receive minimal training and are focused on speed of preparation.

I personally would not ever eat fast food if cross-contamination was a concern, and for celiac sufferers and those who are gluten intolerant, it is.

It is very common for hamburgers ordered without a bun to be placed on a bun and then removed, or handled with the same gloves that handle buns, either of which contaminates the burger. It is also common to cook french fries in the same oil as breaded chicken, which contaminates the fries.

The short answer is no, it is not safe. Even if you special order something at any fast food restaurant and avoid all cross-conyamination issues, it is still not safe simpl because "natural flavoring" is added to almost every item (which is not natural at all and certainly DOES CONTAIN GLUTEN). Do not eat fast food. You won't miss it after a while, i really do promise.
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