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Are there Mormon nudists?

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There are many LDS who practice various degrees of nudity, whether in their family or more broadly in a public settings who are and remain faithful members with all of the privileges associated with that membership, some are even senior leaders.

"No the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages its members to dress modestly and the idea of nudism is completely contrary to that belief.
I have included a link to a summarized version of the dress and grooming standards the Church teaches in the related links"
This seems to be a predominant answer for most. However, it does not really answer it correctly or fully.

The real answer is there are NO doctrines that directly answer it. Nowhere in scripture or in actual teachings of the Prophet, Apostles or other General Authorities do they address nudity in and of itself. All references to nudity only refer to nudity in a lascivious manner; that means for those who act immoral and sinful (adultery, fornication, improper touch, etc.), they condemn such things as pornography (don't confuse this with nudity as pornography is a false notion of nudity with the direct intent of illiciting a sexual response), but they do not anywhere address being nude where the behavior is not sexual. If they did, they would have to condemn large numbers of members of the church in Europe who often go to beaches that are clothing optional and saunas that are nude, often as church activities.

The one citation given is a reference pamphlet from the church that provide some general guidelines. Again many confuse the general and want to make them into hard fast rules. As I remember it Christ condemned the Pharisees and Scribes for making everything into detailed rules that had to be followed.

The pamphlet and many who condemn nudity use the term "modest" in a setting that is often confusing and incorrect. Many today have come to the false notion that "modest" equates to layers of clothing or being covered from head to toe. This is an incorrect definition of modest. The true definition describes one who does not draw undue attention to one's self. Granted that often those who are immodest will frequently wear clothing that is skimpy and designed to draw your attention to specific regions of the body, generally as an attempt to create a sexually charged environment. Someone who is modest does not do that whether they are wearing a swimsuit or fully dressed, or even nude.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints officially has no doctrine or statement on nudity (they do strongly condemn bad behavior but not the status of nudity). This question was put to them by a Utah News Channel (Channel 2) and that was the response given. What the church does say is that we should not be commanded in every detail, and that we should study out (think of Moroni 10:3-5) and pray about it for ourselves and seek guidance as the Lord will give us wisdom if we only ask (James 1:5) with real intent not having our minds already made up beforehand.
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