Are there some health risks if you are pregnant again after giving birth 2 months ago?

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I don't think so, maybe for some people. I got pregnant with my third child when my youngest (at the time) was only 2 1/2 months old, and she came out normal and healthy. so I guess it just depends on the person, but I really don't see why it would be a problem kb
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What are your possibilities of being pregnant 2 months after giving birth?

Answer . First, it greatly depends on whether or not you are breastfeeding. Not only is it the VERY best for baby, but it helps you lose weight and is quite reliable when it comes to birth control! there is a possibility. im not sure how much but there is a possibility of pregnancy. some women (MORE)

If you had a miscarriage 2 months ago what are the risk factors if your pregnant again?

Answer . Miscarriages are far more common than most people know. Usually, if a zygote is not viable, the mother's body will reject it resulting in a miscarriage. In a few very rare circumstances there can be a genetic problem with either the mother or the father that will make it almost impossib (MORE)

How soon after a rabbit gives birth can she get pregnant again?

Hello. Female rabbits can be ready to breed almost immediately after a litter. However, this is not recommended and is highly cruel to the rabbit.. If you are a responsible pet owner and care about your animal then it is safer to breed them every 6 months or even let them have only 1 litter a year (MORE)

Can a girl already 2 months pregnant get pregnant again?

hell no are you a retard? i mean serously you dont even have you period any more it imposible!. No, a person can not get pregnant while they are already pregnant. Because the person would stop ovulating and having their period

What will happen if a cat gives birth then falls pregnant again?

Newsroom . Fact Sheets . Animal Shelter Euthanasia . National euthanasia statistics are difficult to pinpoint because animal care and control agencies are not uniformly required to keep statistics on the number of animals taken in, adopted, euthanized, or reclaimed. While many shelters know (MORE)

Why are the risks of giving birth to an 8 months old premature baby?

if the baby is born of eight months thatere's a probability that it lungs have properly developed yet, inclusive of some vital organs. therefore it may grow up with many diseases.. he also stand a higher risk of premature death, called SIDS, which stands for sudden infant death syndrome. of course, (MORE)

I got a chinchilla 3 months ago but at the pet store she was in a cage with a male and now she's pregnant does there have to be a male chinchilla with her when she gives birth and after she has them?

The Male chinchilla does not need to be there when and after she gives birth. It's suggested that if you have the male and female in the same cage to remove the male when she gives birth and have him in another cage neighboring her's. This is to ensure that the female does not become pregnant after (MORE)

How many months does a pregnant hamster give birth?

16 days for Syrians, 18-21 for Dwarfs. Syrian Hamster Puberty: 4-5 weeks Optimum beginning breeding age: males: 10-12 weeks females: 16-20 weeks Estrus: Every 3-4 days Gestation period: 16-18 days Litter size: 1-18 (average is about 8) Birth weight: 1/14 to 1/8 oz Weaning age: 3 (MORE)

Are you pregnant I had spotting for my period which was about a month ago i took a pregnancy test 2 days afterward but it was a negative Should I test again my next period is due today but nothing?

Not all home pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. They CAN give false negatives AND false positives. Wait a day or so before taking another test--your period just may be irregular due to health or stress reasons. If you are on birth control, the hormones may be causing irregularity. Whether or not you (MORE)

How long after a guinea pig gives birth can it get pregnant again?

Unfortunately, female guinea pigs are sexually mature about 24 hours after birth. That is why you shouldn't have the male present at the birth. He can trample the babies in his eagerness to mate with their mother. It is also not recommended to back to back breed guinea pigs, since it is cruelty to t (MORE)

How soon after giving birth should you get pregnant again?

Well, typically, you aren't supposed to have sex for at least 6 weeks after giving birth, so you need to wait at least that long. You should probably ask your doctor, because he or she knows your particular health situation. If you're in good health, I suppose it really just depends on how far ap (MORE)

Can you have unprotected sex immediately after the first month of birth control in otherwords Is it safe week 1 of month 2 or will i still have a high risk of getting pregnant?

if you have taken your birth control at the same time every day for an entire 30 days then you should be ok. The medicine has to be in your system for a full 30 days STRAIGHT for it to take effect. Be cautious though because NO birth control is 100% effective. I would still either use a condom or an (MORE)

What are some possible health risks associated with giving birth that a doctor can detect beforehand?

Pre-existing conditions such as obesity, epilepsy, severe asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes should be addressed prior to pregnancy - with every attempt on the part of the mother to be extremely compliant during pregnancy to keep these health issues under control. When it comes to the birth (MORE)

What is the possible risk of giving birth to 7 or 8 months old premature baby?

The risk of giving birth to preemie mature babies is very high. The percentage of babies that die each year due to preematurity is also very high. I am a mother who gave birth to MICRO-PREEMIE TWIN BOYS who were born at only 24wks (which is only 5 months). They weighed only 660grams /1lb 7-1/2oz.... (MORE)