Are you in Taiwan What is the use of an ashtray in Taiwan?

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Sure, I'm in Taiwan. The use of an ashtray? This is a trick question, isn't it! Correct answer....what's an ashtray!

You idiot?!?! You just use in like another ashtray!!! XD
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Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is off the east coast of Asia, east of mainlandChina. Taiwan (also "Formosa" or "The Republic of China") consists of theislands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and s

What are the Similarities between Taiwan and the US?

They are both so called democratic 'states' (taiwain is referred to as Republic of China). Both 'countries' depend on each other for trade and 'control'. Taiwan buys weapons f

What is Taiwan?

Taiwan is a country, and an island south of mainland China.

How do you get to Taiwan?

Fly on a plane. There are direct flights to Taiwan, or you can fly to Hong Kong and take the Ferry to Taiwan. There is no Ferry from Hong Kong to Taiwan. It is still neces

Why is Taiwan not recognized by the US government?

Taiwan broke away from China. If the US recognizes Taiwan, then that would get China upset with the US. China owns the United States. Better not bite the hand that feeds you.

Why is yahoo using servers in Taiwan?

Def phishing attempt, try run malware bytes and see if have malwareonboard...after too download and run ccleaner to clean registry andmake sure you have latest updates and jav
In Taiwan

What did the country of Taiwan used to be called?

The official name of the country is The Republic of China, but ithas been previously called "formosa" when sighted by Portugeseships (comes from "Ilha Formosa", meaning "beaut

How do you dial Taiwan from US?

The telephone country code for Taiwan is +886, and you must dropthe trunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Taiwanese domestictelephone number. On a mobile phone, just enter