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Calculate gallons of asphalt cement in a ton of asphalt?

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The answer is, it depends. Different types of bituminous cement concrete (asphalt hot mix) use different percentages of asphalt cement. In Virginia, base mixes use at least 4.4% asphalt, while surface mixes are up to about 6%. Liquid asphalt is a little heavier than water; it weighs about 9.4#/gallon (depending on the source and grade). Here's the math: Base mix 2000#/ton x 4.4%/9.4#/gal. = 9.36 gal/ton surface mix 2000#/ton x 6%/9.4#/gal. = 12.76 gal/ton hope this answers the question.
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Can you use cement to tile on an asphalt floor?

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What is asphalt cement?

It's the same thing as roofing tar.

How do you calculate asphalt paving tonage?

L x W x thickness(convert inches to ft) = Cubic Feet(CF) Then ... CF x density (approx 145# per cf) / 2000 = tons Say you want a driveway 10' x 100' that will be 4 inches t

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I think it is $504.00 no your wrong states are different but Florida is like $80.oo a ton

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  Hot-mix asphalt concrete is a mixture of aggregate (crushed stone, gravel and sand) and asphalt binder. asphalt is a hydrocarbon mixture which makes the road.
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the asphalt denotes a mixture of bitumen and  aggregates. It is a "closed" material having no or little empty.  For the geologist, natural asphalt are petroleum extra-heavy,

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