Can I put money in a parking meter for someone else's car?

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Anyone can put money in a parking meter for someone else, but this activity, called re-metering, is illegal in some cities. An enterprising type of individual arose some years back and made a business of sorts by feeding the meters of people whose time had expired, or nearly so. This person would then leave a self-addressed envelope on the vehicle asking for compensation which, obviously, was voluntary. The individual who was (possibly or probably) saved from getting a parking ticket might be inclined to put a few bucks in the envelope and post it. That, after all, was a return of the favor, and cheaper (by far) than having to pay a parking citation. City fathers in some of the urban areas where this was happening decided that this activity, re-metering, was costing the city because it cut into the revenues generated by issuing parking citations. Local ordinances sprang up here and there as other cities joined the move to protect the income being generated by parking enforcement activities.
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