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Can a 14 year old boy get a job in Maryland?

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Yes, i myself live in Maryland and just turned 14 you just need a work permit get one from your school
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Where can a 14 year old boy get a job in Pacifica California?

  Answer   I grew up in Pasadena, Ca and I created my own jobs. At 14 I had a paper route. Went around the neighborhood and knocked on doors asking if the homeowner w

Jobs for 14 year old boys?

you cant get jobs   Actually honey,,,you can. 13 year olds cant get jobs. look it up. it just may be harder then it would be if you were 15-16. kk?????

What jobs can a 14 year old boy do?

cut the neighbors grass, sell old stuff that you dont use any more. and hustle people You can maybe help people with cleaning or do newspaper deliveries or maybe even babysit

Where can a 14 year old in bowie Maryland get a job?

According to law there is very few stores or restaurants that can take you in, because if i am not mistaken you have to be at least 16 years of age to get an official job. Y