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Can a spouse with good credit cosign a student loan for their spouse with bad credit?

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When you get married does your credit reflect on your spouse?

%DETAILS%     To answer your question: No, the credit of one spouse will not effect the credit of the other in any way. The only time the credit of one spouse will eff

Are you responsible for a loan your spouse cosigned?

Only the two consumer's who signed the contract are responsible. The debt will show on your husbands credit report. If you apply for joint credit in the future, any accounts

Is the cosigner of a loans spouse responsible for a college loan if he dies?

Answer . The only persons' responsible for a loan are signers of the contract who accepted legal liability. If a signor dies, their estate may be liable for remaining debt

When you get married and you have good credit and your spouse has bad credit does your spouse affect your credit at all?

  Answer   If you trying to buy a house together, yes, his credit will be taken into consideration and you may have to pay a higher mortgage rate. If you are trying

How do you get a student loan with fair credit and no cosigner?

  I have had a lot of experience with private student loans that are non-certified (they do not have to go thru your school to get approved). Next Student has a bit more l

If your spouse cosigns a loan for their child from a previous marriage will you have any personal obligation for the debt or will it affect your credit rating?

    Answer   *The point is they are married and although it won't affect her credit rating if her husband is stuck with this loan it will reflect on both of them

If you cosign a student loan does it show up on your credit report?


If you have bad credit can you get a car loan with a cosigner?

If it is a bad credit history still the loan market is full of lenders who are always ready to offer a new loan. But you should meet some conditions, the set of lenders. Loans

Can a person with bad credit get a loan with a cosigner with good credit?

Possibly. However, the cosigner needs to understand all the implications should the one needing the cosign on the load default on payments. If the primary borrower doesn't pay

How much will cosigning a student loan lower your credit score?

Hi- Cosigning a loan will not lower your credit score unless payments are late, or if the borrower defaults and you cannot make the payments yourself. A cosigner is equally

What are Good loans for bad credit?

There are plenty of places that offer loans for people with bad credit with no-hassle applications and easy requirements.    Some of these lenders even offer 1 minute a

Is there a personal student loan for you without a cosigner bad credit and no job?

The rising costs of college tuition have made it almost a necessity to apply for a student loan today. Students not only have tuition costs, but the cost of books, meals, gas,

If spouse cosigns a loan and dies is the other spouse responsible?

yes. don't ever cosign ans Very simply - a co-signer of a loan is responsible for absolutely everything as the "other" signer (who may be called primary signer). No differ

How do you get a loan with no credit and a cosigner?

Without a credit history and a co-signer, you may find it very difficult (really impossible in this environment) to get a traditional loan. I would recommend, if at all possi

If you file bankruptcy then get married does your spouse get bad credit too?

No, your credit works independently of each other. Most couples share bad credit because they share the liability for the credit accounts. Thus, when they fall behind on payme

How do you get a personal loan with no credit or cosigner?

To get a personal loan with no credit or cosigner you can go online to find an online short term personal loans lending service. They are easy and convenient if you are in n