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The odds of affairs lasting are always extremely slim. The individuals involved have to realize this is an encounter and regardless what is said between them one rarely leaves their wife/husband to be with the "other" person.

Can it? it depends on the person and the affair partner. If the married man fell in love with the other woman and vice versa, it will be a struggling decision and the result will be messy.
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Do affairs last during midlife crisis?

Nope. They are an escape, fantasy. When the excitement wears off so does the relationship. Then the sense of loss and sacrifice for the relationship sets in and they usually e

How long should affair last?

ANSWER: I think it depends on individual. Affairs can and will be complex and hurtful to people who's being cheated on. There are affairs that last years even months if the th

Last 6 months GK question about current affairs?

The last six months of GK current affairs can be viewed by  downloading the Daily Current Affairs and GK application for your  smart phone. The application allows you to loo

How long can an affair between two married person last?

There are no excuses for cheating on a mate when married. If the marriage is that boring or upsetting to the mate that wants to cheat they should have the backbone to get a di

How long do affairs with married men last?

As long as the mistress is willing to accept being treated like yesterday's trash. The affair will end the day she threatens to tell the wife, or she dumps his sorry, cheating

How long marital affairs last?

It all depends on the man or woman who's having affairs. If they fall in love with the other person, it will be hard to predict.

Can a narcissist last in an affair?

It's nearly impossible to have any long term relationship without fallout with a narcissus. The tendency is to think if you do or say something "right enough", they will wake

How long do extramarital affairs last?

  Answer   Some last a few weeks, some for years. The percentage of the person one is cheating with becoming married or in a strong relationship is extremely low s

Do emotional affairs last?

Answer All relationships are emotional (whether having an affair or not) or we wouldn't get physical. Affairs with a married man or a married woman seldom work out and think

How many percent of affairs between married people last?

ANSWER: It depends on the person who's having the affairs, but if the affair is only sex, it will not last before the married man finds another one that can satisfy him. But i

Will affairs last?

Will it?.. definitely especially if it wasn't caught. When a married man look for a new woman they will become good friends. Friends that will exchange stories, and dreams. Th
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Why have an affair?

some couples get bored with each other sexually so to speak and find different "lovers" i find this just being completely unfaithful! but some people do it just for that reaso