Can apple cider vinegar be used to treat dandruff in negroid hair and if so how should someone go about preparing and using it?

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Really, apple cider is not going to be the best solution for your dandruff. You should try using some kind of oil. Lotion is another source that will moisturize, although I would probably not recommend it.
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Can you use apple cider vinegar for acne?

yes it does, all you need is: bottled water apple cider vinegar paper towel. wash your face with a kind of cleanser or soap just to get rid of all the oils and dirt on your fa

What can you use to substitute for apple cider vinegar?

Malt vinegar, white wine vinegar, white spirit vinegar. Spirit vinegar doesn't taste as good as any of the brewed vinegars. The closest substitute is probably white wine vine

How to use Apple cider vinegar for nail fungus?

Most commonly, people will fill a bucket with water, and then add a large bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar to it. They will rest their feet in the bucket for around 30 minutes, s

Does apple cider vinegar treat acne?

I've been using regular vinegar and it WORKS! The other day I was watching the show "The Doctors" and one of the subjects on the show was how to treat back acne and the follow

What does apple cider vinegar do to hair?

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Can apple cider or white vinegar help dandruff?

Apple cider or white vinegar are acidic that can emulsify the natural oils to hydroxyls and with further reaction turn into salts.Both Apple cider or white vinegar are mild ac
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How do you use apple cider vinegar to straighten your hair?

Apple cider vinegar softens the hair, making it easier to straighten. I discovered this by accident while taking out my box braids. I used 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar + 1 1