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Can credit card companies garnish pension or social security checks?

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Summary: No, they can't take your check.

Unless they sue you and get a judgement they can't garnish anything. Neither a private pension nor Social Security would be attachable in the case of a creditor such as a bank or credit card issuer having a judgement. However, if the bank account it's deposited into has other funds it is possible that funds in that bank account that are not the proceeds of a pension or social security payment could be
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Can credit card companies in the state of Florida garnish your pension and social security that are automatically deposited into a bank account if there is no other income?

  Answer     No, pensions and SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment. It is important that benefits are not commingled with any other funds. This needs

Are Social Security checks and pension checks subject to garnishment?

Yes. And the money once deposited in a normal bank account loses it's identity and can be seized, etc like any other. Clarification: Social Security checks are only subjec

Can a credit card company attach your bank account when the only income in the account comes from Social Security checks?

No. All SS benefits are 100% exempt from creditor action under federal and state statutes. Likewise workman's compensation insurance, disbility insurance, etc. Credit card co

Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a credit card debt?

  Answer       NO!     First of all a collection agency does not have legal power to attach or seize any property belonging to a debtor. Due process o

Can a Social Security disability check be garnished?

No. If a creditor other than the federal government tries to garnish your Social Security benefits, inform them that such an action violates Section 207 of the Social Security

Can a credit card company garnish your Social Security or pension?

All Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits are exempt from action for creditor debt. Most pension plans are also exempted, although some may only have a sp

If you've been summoned to court for a credit card debt can they put a judgment on your checking account if you're on Social Security and Pension?

  Answer   All social security benefits are exempt from attachment by a judgment creditor, generally federal and state pensions are also exempt. Whether or not priva

Can a credit card company garnish your Social Security and state retirement benefits or freeze your USA bank checking account while living abroad?

All SS benefits are exempt from private creditor action (benefits may be garnished for back alimony, child support, unpaid federal taxes and amounts due other federal agencie

Can Social Security checks be garnished in Michigan?

Social Security benefits are exempt from judgment creditor garnishments. They are not exempt from child support garnishments. In some instances SS benefits can also be garnis

Can a credit card judgment garnish your social security in Florida?

I'm sure the law must be the same for ss in every state. No !!! your social security can not be garnished by anyone but the United States Government. Period. The creditor can