Can someone give you their baby legally if they cant give it a home without going through an adoption agency?

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How can you adopt a baby without the expense of going through an agency?

Answer . If you go through the Department of children and families, they help with the expenses. In Iowa I know all that you pay is time to register to be an adoptive parent by going to classes, background check, and home study. Then when a child or children are found and you think it is a match yo (MORE)

Cost of giving your baby up for adoption?

There are no financial costs involved with relinquishing a childfor adoption. There may be, however, great emotional costs thatshould be closely evaluated before such a final and irrevocablestep is taken. Answer2: There is no cost to give up a baby, but states willrequire consent to be in writing an (MORE)

What use do condoms have just have the baby and then give it up for adoption?

Its called being responsible. No mother wants to give a child up for adoption, nor should she be put in a position that she has to. That is a wound that will never heal. And every child has a right to know its mother's love. If denied it the emotional scars will pervade its whole life. Few adopted c (MORE)

Why do people give up their babies for adoption?

as every mother k nows you get attached to youre child after holding him or her just one time but when you love somthin so much but you know you cant properly care f for the child so you give it up up for adoption even though this gives you painbut you know that its for thebest even though at the ti (MORE)

If a birth mother is 18 and the birth father 20. Can she give up her baby for adoption without him interfering?

i shd think so! I don't know your situation, but maybe the 18year old mother should speak to the father, if she hasn't already. Again, i don't know what you've done about it, but maybe, if its your daughter, son or a member of family; you should leave them to make their own decisions for themselves (MORE)

Where can one give their baby up for adoption?

Contact a local adoption agency. They can arrange prospectiveadoptive parents and meeting to discuss the options you haveregarding the idea. You can also talk to the hospital social worker where you have yourbaby. They are trained to help you not only in making yourdecision, but also in helping you (MORE)

Should pregnant teens give their baby up for adoption?

i do think they should keep their baby if they are ready for it. If they know it for a fact that they do not want to give their baby up and wants to keep it then teens if you are in the middle of junior high or high school find a trusted adult to watch your baby through out the day and when you get (MORE)

Is it legal for someone a realtor to allow someone to enter your home without them present only give them the lock box code?

Depending on the local laws of your jurisdiction, the people who entered your home without being escorted by the realtor may have committed 'Unlawful Entry' or 'Trespass." At the very least the realtor has breached the professional and ethical standards of their profession and can be disciplined or (MORE)

Is it legal to give a gun to someone?

Yes as long as they have a gun licence you may need to register under you then transfer the ownership when you give the gun to them . ____________________________________ Yes, however; check your state laws. Many states don't require a gun license, many don't require registration. Writing up some (MORE)

If someone gives you lifetime rights to a home what do you need to do to make it legal?

Answer: . On the discussion page you explained that you want to give your daughter lifetime rights to live in your home. The legal term for lifetime rights in real property is a life estate. The most common way to create 'lifetime rights' in real estate is by granting a life estate in a deed. Howev (MORE)

What is a good gift to give someone who is going through chemotherapy?

Your company, some flowers and candy are always welcome, even if you just sit in the same room without talking , just the idea that they are not alone is wonderful. You sound like a really great friend! ------------------------------------------------------------------- A great gift to this p (MORE)

Can you give your baby up for adoption at the hospital?

no, not at the spur of the moment, you need to make pre-arrangements. But if it is arranged and legal and all , Yes it happens that way often, usually after 48 hrs are given to birth mother , to give her a chance to decide for sure. I am looking into adopting a baby girl if anyone is looking for (MORE)

If you legally give a kid your name is that like adoption?

It depends....Was it only a matter of the child's last name being changed or did you file a Petition to Adopt the child? For you to be the legal parent of this child, then you would have had to file the necessary court paperwork to adopt the child (i.e. petition for adoption) and the court would hav (MORE)

Why do people want to give their baby up for adoption?

Didn't want to have a baby, had it by accident, didn't want to killa new life. Or, they don't have enough money to take care of it.Or, in the very very very very rare case, they may just hate theirbaby's traits. Answer also: I read it's also because parents may lack thefinancial means to raise a c (MORE)

What can you do with your baby besides giving it up for adoption?

How about loving and caring for it? The child didn't ask to come into this world, and as an adopted child myself, I can say that when you find out your adopted, your life starts getting really strange. And NOT in a good way. I'm sorry if I come across as pushy, or rude as these are not my intenti (MORE)

Can you give someone temp custody without going to court?

You can make any temporary arrangement you wish but it won't be official or legal without going through the court to set up a legal guardianship. Your child would simply be staying with someone they would not have "temporary custody" in any legal sense. The person your child is with may have diff (MORE)

Why do people give their baby up for adoption?

They don't feel ready to parent yet, They can't take care of the child themselves due to finances, school etc. The court find them unfit to parent. They never wanted a child and found out too late they were pregnant. The father left so now they don't think they can be a single parent. The (MORE)

Could someone please help your dog passed away recently and he has been here almost all of your life and you cant get through the day without breaking down and crying can someone please give you some?

I too have recently had a similar crisis and understand what you are feeling. . here are some suggestions to get through it:. 1. during the first few days(1-3) it is okay to cry, alot! cry yourself to sleep even.. 2. talk to freinds and stay social. tell someone your feelings.. 3. stay active an (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of your partner giving up your newborn baby without you seeing it first for adoption?

This dream suggests that your partner is giving up on something that you developed together without consulting you first. The "baby" could represent your relationship, a business project or anything else that you felt belonged to you as much as it belonged to your partner. Note that the dream expres (MORE)

Can I give someone money for their baby?

Your question is not clear If you are trying to buy a baby the answer is no. If you are asking about giving money as a gift for the baby thenthe answer is yes