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Can the beneficiary on a life insurance policy of a terminally ill Medicare patient still collect if the patient is put in a nursing home?

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Well their is something wrong here. Life insurance goes to the beneficiary. If medicare is involved you have a different story.
Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary This is a more than common situation, and from my personal experience, (depending on your situation) this is the best way to handle it: 1. Is the terminally ill patient coherent>>?? If so, does a Doctor agree that this person is able to make sound mind decisions? 2. If so, just because you are listed as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy does not mean you will receive the money in the event of a death. Immediately get the correct documents (can be found on the Internet and printed out for free) stating exactly whom is a beneficiary (or multiple people) and all other specifics. Have a notary to come to the nursing home while you are present with the terminally ill patient. Sign all documents and a) take the docs to an attorney to hold OR b) give them to someone responsible to hold until the event of a death. Then send all information to the Insurance Company. 3. In addition, the Insurer will need to write out all persons that will not receive benefits, and people who will. Once all heirs are contacted legally (meaning people who will and will NOT receive money and/or goods), through an attorney only) then a 120 day probation period begins for persons to appeal. If no one appeals decisions of who the inheritance is going to, then case closed. If person(s) do, then court is the next option. If you DO NOT get at least the above done, then chances of the State you reside in taking over the benefits is most likely to happen. You will have to fight to get them, and you may only end up with much less than half of the original amount. Good luck. Yes. Policies with named beneficiaries are not subject to seizure by the deceased creditors (including Medicare or Medicaid) nor do they become a part of probate procedure.
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