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In a Chapter 7 case, one can normally reopen a bankruptcy to add a creditor as long as the debt was incurred before the bankruptcy case was filed and the debtor simply forgot to list the creditor on his or her petition. The court charges a filing fee of $155 to reopen a case and a $26 amendment fee to add the creditor (as of 2/11/05) plus you'll likely owe additional attorneys fees to do all the extra work. However, if one has a mortgage listed in their petition and the debtor reaffirmed the debt, then chances are the debtor is stuck with the debt once the Discharge and 60 days after the reaffirmation agreement is filed with the Court expire. If the debtor had the mortgage listed and didn't reaffirm the debt, then chances are the debtor can get out of the debt.

Under certain circumstances you can add debt after bankruptcy as illustrated by Robinson v.Mann.339F.2d547 (5th Cir.1964). Courts have the discretion to allow amendment of schedules after the expiration of the claims period under exceptional circumstances such as (1) the case is a no-asset one, (2) there is no fraud, and(3) the creditor was omitted through mistake or inadvertence.
In a chapter 7 no asset case, anyone creditor to whom the debtor owed money prior to filing is included in the bankruptcy, whether they were listed on the schedules or not. If an asset is administered, the debtor should attempt to list all creditors prior to the trustee administering assets. If they don't that debt will survive the bankruptcy.
In chapter 13 cases, the debts should all be listed prior to confirmation. If they are not, and the creditor cannot share in any distribution of funds, the debt will survive the bankruptcy.
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