Can you be sued in the Philippines for unpaid debts in the United Kingdom?

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No. It is not in the country's (Philippines) jurisdiction should someone have unpaid debt in the other country.(United Kingdom).
However, you can be sued in the United Kingdom. The other party would just need to know where you are to serve the papers on you.
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What is the statute of limitations on unpaid debt?

Answer . There is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. Statute of limitations (SOL) is established by state law and varies according to account type. The SOL for a credit card may be set by the state in which the consumer resides, or may be set by the state's laws which govern the contract. Many credit card issuers write card holder agreements under laws which favor them, like South Dakota and North Carolina. There are also different statutes for written contracts, promissory notes and verbal agreements. If your aim is to find out the SOL which applies in a specific case, you would need to research the state and contract type.

What are your options if credit card companies are suing you for unpaid balances?

Pay the due balance! If the credit card company has filed suit, immediately file an answer to the complaint. Then call the company or its attorney and offer a settlement. If by some means you are able to come up with a substantial portion of the amount due, usually about 75%, say by borrowing from a relative or friend, the company would go for it rather than getting a judgment and collecting a few dollars a month from a garnishment of wages. The company will write of the remaining portion of the debt and get a tax deduction, therefore even though it "loses" 25% on the debt itself, it will get some of that back as a tax deduction. Credit card companies are motivated to take less because it's more of a problem to collect small amounts of money on a monthly basis rather than one large amount in a one time payment.

What is the statute of limitations for unpaid debt in Arizona?

Answer . Credit Cards are typically considered Open Accounts. The credit card agreement you signed may specify the state laws that will apply to the account and collection activities associated with it. Read the contract and consult an attorney.. In Arizona Open Accounts are subect to a 3 year statute of limitations.

Do California SOL's for debt apply when the debtor has relocated to the United Kingdom?

Answer . \nNo. This is the statute of limitations is an issue where consumers need to become well informed. Several state SOL's do not apply if the debtor leaves the U.S., the state itself or commits an act that can be deemed fraudulen. Fraudlent meaning the use of false or misleading information of any sort to deny the creditor the right at an attempt to recover monies owed. \n. \nIt is a myth that someone can "hide out" until the SOL expires and thereby become debt free. This is a ploy used by unethical companies claiming to have the ability to erase debts or "fix" credit reports. A judge can rule an SOL invalid if there is evidence that the debtor(s) committed a deliberate act of fraud as defined by the state laws or in some cases the UCC.\n. \nIn addition, an SOL argument is only valid if it is brought forth as a defense by the debtor. It is not an automatic cancellation of debt obligations. SOL's only pertain to the amount of time in which the creditor can file litigtion to recover monies owed.

Can you be sued for a debt that does not appear on your credit report?

Answer . \nYes, the credit report has no bearing on whether a debt is valid and subject to litigation.

What is the statute of limitations of unpaid debt?

The statute of limitations of unpaid debt is the time period that acreditor has to collect a debt. When the time period has passed,the creditor can no longer sue you for the unpaid debt. The time isset in each state and can vary from three to 10 years.

Can you get sued over an unpaid credit card balance?

Answer . \nYes.\n. \nIt doesn't matter how much the account balance is, it only matters if the creditor can collect the money owed after wining a lawsuit

Can you be sued for credit card debt in Texas?

Answer . Yes. The credit card company can get a judgment against you from the court ordering you to pay the debt. If you can't, your wages can be garnished. In a situation like this, it's best to proacticontact the lender and work out a payment plan rather than have it turned over to a court.. Texas does not allow wage garnishment unless it is the only method for a creditor to execute a judgment.. The state does allow levy of bank accounts (including joint accounts) seizure and sale of non exempt property belonging to the debtor, and liens against real property (but not a forced sale of a primary residence).. Texas is a community property state which means that in some instances joint marital property can be seized, levied or have a lien placed against it when only one spouse is the debtor.. I work in the business in Texas and no your property cannot be seized or bank account cannot be levied for a credit card debt. LUCKILY, TEXAS IS THE ONLY STATE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW WAGE GARNISHMENTS BY CREDIT CARD COMPANYS. WAGES CAN ONLY BE GARNISHED FROM THE IRS OR FOR CHILD SUPPORT.

What can you do when you are sued for a debt that is not yours?

Answer . \n. \nThe best option is to retain legal counsel or at least legal advice.\n. \nIn lieu of such, respond to the summons with the defense that the debt is not yours.\n. \nIf the suit is not dismissed the person named as defendant should appear at the court date with the documents proving that the debt is invalid.\n. \nFailure to appear at the scheduled hearing time will result in the plaintiff being awarded a judgment against the creditor.

What action can be taken if a debt collection agency sued you and default judgment was passed for an unpaid debt if you are temporarily out of the country for a 1 year assignment?

A motion or application for an order vacating or setting aside the judgment may be made if service of the complaint had not been made properly. Before a judgment can be entered against a debtor, the complaint must be served on the debtor personally or sometimes if the court allows, by certified mail. If the debtor was not served with the complaint because he was out of the country and if he did not know about the lawsuit, the judgment entered would be void. But because the judgment is on the public record as a judgment, the debtor has to ask the court to set it aside. If the court agrees that the judgment should be set aside, it will enter an order vacating the judgment , but it will also reinstate the case as if it were just filed. By filing the motion to vacate the judgment, the debtor has automatically acknowledged service of the complaint, so there is no longer a need for the plaintiff to serve it and the case will start again. In addition to this, a debtor in that situation should also review very carefully the documents the collection agency filed in order to prove to the court that the debtor was properly served. If that "proof" was falsified, the agency could be in violation of state and federal debt collection laws, perjury laws and contempt of court rules.

In Georgia can you be sued for a debt of 1025.00?

Yes, a person who defaults on a contract or agreement and owes money to a business or an individual can be sued in civil court regardless of the amount of the debt.

What to do when you are being sued for credit card debt?

Do not ignore the summons. First thing relax, your not going to jail. But It will not go away. A. Answer the summons to appear. This is where 90% of credit card law suits are won, through default judgment. That means you do nothing and the credit card attorney wins. Get fill in the blank word documents to help here: You only have twenty to thirty days to respond depending on where you reside. Make them produce proof that this is your debt. There is lots of other information at the website

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid debt?

It depends on the state and how the debt is documented. Oral debts are usually the shortest. Written and Promissory Notes are the longest. Open Accounts such as credit cards vary.

What is the NY statute of limitations on unpaid debt?

Answer . For the state of New York it is 6 years. Please, keep in mind that the six years start from the date of last activity.

How long can you be sued for contract debts?

Answer . It depends what country you are in and the laws relating to debts. In South Africa if your creditor has not pursued you for 2 years a debt becomes "proscribed" and you cannot be pursued any further.

I am being sued for unpaid credit card debt what do I do now?

You can file bankrupcy and still keep what you want to pay for. This stops the harrasement and keeps them from taking everything you own.

Is it legal for a creditor to sell an unpaid debt?

Absolutely, this occurs every day. Creditors often sell debt for pennies on the dollar. This is a very big business.

What can I do if I am being sued for a past SOL debt?

Collectors may sue you if they are contending that the Statue ofLimitations has not passed, although it is technically against thelaw for them to do so. If you are able to prove that the Statue ofLimitations has expired, the case will most likely be dismissed.

How long does a company have to claim an unpaid debt from me?

It varies from state to state, but generally its about 7 years from the last time the debt was active, but keep in mind if you make any payments on it, the time starts over.

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in Texas?

When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your lease obligation. These rights are established by the signed contract and by state law. If your payments are late or you default on your contract in any way, your creditor may have the right to repossess your car.. Talking with Your Creditor It is easier to try to prevent a vehicle repossession from taking place than to dispute it afterward. Contact your creditor when you realize you'll be late with a payment. Many creditors will work with you if they believe you'll be able to pay soon, even if slightly late.. Sometimes you may be able to negotiate a delay in your payment or a revised schedule of payments. If you reach an agreement to modify your original contract, get it in writing to avoid questions later. Still, your creditor may refuse to accept late payments or make other changes in your contract and may demand that you return the car. By voluntarily agreeing to a repossession, you may reduce your creditor's expenses, which you would be responsible for paying.. Remember that even if you return the car voluntarily, you're responsible for paying any deficiency on your credit or lease contract, and your creditor still may report the late payments and/or repossession on your credit report.. Seizing the Car In many states, your creditor has legal authority to seize your vehicle as soon as you default on your loan or lease. Because state laws differ, read your contract to find out what constitutes a "default." In most states, failing to make a payment on time or to meet your other contractual responsibilities are considered defaults. In some states, creditors are allowed on your property to seize your car without letting you know in advance.. But creditors aren't usually allowed to "breach the peace" in connection with repossession. In some states, removing your car from a closed garage without your permission may constitute a breach of the peace.. Creditors who breach the peace in seizing your car may have to pay you if they harm you or your property.. A creditor usually can't keep or sell any personal property found inside. State laws also may require your creditor to use reasonable care to prevent others from removing your property from the repossessed car. If you find that your creditor can't account for articles left in your car, talk to an attorney about whether your state offers a right to compensation.. Selling the Car Once your creditor has repossessed your car, they may decide to sell it in either a public or private sale. In some states, your creditor must let you know what will happen to the car. For example, if a creditor chooses to sell the car at public auction, state law may require that the creditor tells you the date of the sale so that you can attend and participate in the bidding. If the vehicle is to be sold privately, you may have a right to know the date it will be sold.. In either of these circumstances, you may be entitled to buy back the vehicle by paying the full amount you owe, plus any expenses connected with its repossession (such as storage and preparation for sale).. In some states, the law allows you to reinstate your contract by paying the amount you owe, as well as repossession and related expenses (such as attorney fees). If you reclaim your car, you must make your payments on time and meet the terms of your reinstated or renegotiated contract to avoid another repossession.. The creditor must sell a repossessed car in a "commercially reasonable manner" - according to standard custom in a particular business or an established market. The sale price might not be the highest possible price - or even what you may consider a good price. But a sale price far below fair market value may indicate that the sale was not commercially reasonable.. Paying the Deficiency A deficiency is any amount you still owe on your contract after your creditor sells the vehicle and applies the amount received to your unpaid obligation. For example, if you owe $2,500 on the car and your creditor sells the car for $1,500, the deficiency is $1,000 plus any other fees you owe under the contract, such as those related to the repossession and early termination of your lease or early payoff of your financing.. In most states, a creditor who has followed the proper procedures for repossession and sale is allowed to sue you for a deficiency judgment to collect the remaining amount owed on your credit or lease contract.. Depending on your state's law and other factors, if you are sued for a deficiency judgment, you should be notified of the date of the court hearing. This may be your only opportunity to present any legal defense.. If your creditor breached the peace when seizing the vehicle or failed to sell the car in a commercially reasonable manner, you may have a legal defense against a deficiency judgment. An attorney will be able to tell you whether you have grounds to contest a deficiency judgment.

How do you put a lien on property for an unpaid debt?

You file a "mechanic's lien" on the property at the courthouse where the property is located. Then, when the property is sold, and abstractor's office does a "search" of the property(looking for liens, etc) the unpaid debt will show and will at that time be addressed for payment prior to closing. All properties must be "free & clear" of all liens before transfer of title can happen.. You file a "mechanic's lien" on the property at the courthouse where the property is located. Then, when the property is sold, and abstractor's office does a "search" of the property(looking for liens, etc) the unpaid debt will show and will at that time be addressed for payment prior to closing. All properties must be "free & clear" of all liens before transfer of title can happen.

What is the statute of limitations on unpaid debt in Texas?

my husband, before we got married, purschased a horriblw trailerhouse thru Greentree. He had it for maybe a year and the thing was litterly falling apart. We wrote and called the company several times to get them to come and get the trailer. I also took photos of the cardboard walls and the silicone stips that held the walls in place, and other things that was wrong. I sent certified letters as well. Finally months later they came and picked up the trailer, this was in 1995 or 1996. They are still trying to make us pay for that piece of junk. we recently got a letter from an attorney saying that they are giving us 30 days to dispute this charge.. Is there anything we can do and isn't there a statute on the time it has been?. Please help us. Thanks

Can you be sued over unpaid hospital bills?

complicated question. you will probably be turned over to collection agency and they\nwill call you day and night. if you don't have the money, what can they do? nothing.\nhowever, if you get sick again - then what ?? go to the hospital again and ... uh oh,\nbad credit and past due bills on your record - sorry - you didn't pay last time - we\ncan't help you this time. don't pay - just don't get sick again.

As a guarantor of a corporation can you be sued for the debts that they did not satisfy?

Of course.. That's why a person becomes a guarantor -- to satisfy the corporation's debts if the corporation is unable to do so.

Can be sued after they charge off the debt?

Yes, Absolutely! I was and a judgment was AWARDED against me. Now in order to protect my paycheck, I have to make payment arrangements or risk garnishment of my checking account. HERE IS SOUND ADVICE - Make payment arrangements and make the payments as agreed. But only if the it occurred within the statute of limitations which varies by state. If the statute of limitations has past they are out of time, but if you make payment arrangements you may actually reaffirm the debt and then you would have to pay. I was out of work about 10 years ago had some bills which I would never be able to pay, when I finally got back working I was making just above minimum wage and it took almost 4 years to get back to where I was financially. The statute of limitation was past in my state so they call me from time to time, but they can't collect and they can't put it back on my report so long as I don't reaffirm the debt by making a payment arrangement. My advice is if you are in a bind to contact legal aide if you qualify or an attorney for advice for your state.

File an answer to debt collector suing?

YES always yes. If you don't answer they will receive a default judgment and you will not have a chance to defend yourself. if you do answer you will get a court date and have a chance to defend yourself. Here's the kicker: Whether or not you answer, you will receive a judgment. If you answer you will go through the court process and obtain a Judgment. If you don't answer you will receive a Default Judgment. Remember, the judge isn't there to tell you you're a bad person, or you need to pay $2,000 a month OR ELSE!!! A judge is just there to determine whether you owe the money or not. 99.99% of the time the judgment will result in favor of the plaintiff, and you owe the money. It doesn't matter how good an attorney you have, the fact is the money is owed. By answering you buy yourself time to negotiate with the creditor/attorney while the court proceedings happen. Typically you get an extra 3 months to a year to resolve the debt before a judgment. Once you get a judgment creditor can bank levy your accounts, garnish your pay (in 45 of the 50 states, the rest of you are lucky), or place a lien on your home (which goes away if you settle or pay off the debt)

How are unpaid wages deducted as a bad debt?

They probably aren't. Until they are received as taxable income, which probably didn't happen if they weren't paid...they can't be deducted as a loss. No tax basis to deduct. Sure, you can report them and then deduct them...but that really doesn't get you anywhere. (You do not get a tax deduction for money you did not make).

What happens if you get sued for a debt and lose?

You get a judgment filed against you by the court, and it is recorded in public records. It can affect your credit, your ability to purchase real estate, and in some instances keep you from getting a job. The judgment amount is usually subject to interest, so the amount keeps going up.

What is the prescription law for unpaid debt in Louisiana?

Most debts are based either on an open account (the debtor is extended credit for goods or services ordered over a period of time) or under contract. You must file a lawsuit on an open account within three (3) years of the debtor's last purchase or last payment. A credit card account is an excellent example of what Louisiana courts consider an open account. This is true even if there is a written agreement signed by the cardholder. Promissory notes are a form of contract and have a five (5) year prescriptive period. A note payable on demand must be enforced within five years of the date the note was signed. An installment note also has five years but the period is calculated from the date each installment becomes due and has not been paid. If all unpaid, future installments are accelerated by the holder, the five year period runs from date of acceleration.

What is the meaning of A promise made is a debt unpaid?

When you make a promise to someone, it is equivalent to you taking a debt from that person. And the debt is paid back, only when the promise is fulfilled. So think before making a promise. The quote itself is from Robert W. Service's poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee." If perchance you have never read that poem, you must find it (it's out there on the Internet) and read it. Read it aloud, to your friends, at night.

Can you be sued from a credit card debt?

Yes. It's possible, but unlikely. When a debtor doesn't make a payment between 4-6 months, the creditor must make a decision. But keep in mind that credit card debt is unsecured, meaning that the creditor has no collateral as security for the loan. They have several alternatives: 1) they can do nothing and hope that you will soon make a payment. 2) they can continue to try and collect from you. 3) they can sell your debt to a debt collector, or 4) the creditor or debt collector can sue you. If the debt collector decides to sue you, they must weigh the costs with the potential benefit. First, they may perform an asset investigation. An investigator will look into your assets (e.g. real estate property, autos, personal belongings, savings/checking accounts, etc.) and determine how much you own. If they feel that you have a substantial amount of assets, they may decide to sue. They also must take into consideration court costs, attorney fees, and loss of time. If the debt collectors feel that the potential costs will outweigh the risks, they probably will make you a offer to settle your debt for a steep discount.

Can you be sued by a debt collector that bought the debt from original creditor?

If you are in default on an account that a third party/person bought, yes indeed, the new owner can foreclose on you and sue.

What to do if teenager is sued for credit card debt?

that depends on your state laws if minors are liable for such lawsuits. Legally, a minor cannot have a credit card. They are not old enough to sign a binding contract. If one was issued to them, it is either because of a mistake, or the parents also signed. If the parents signed, they can be held responsible for the debt. Consult an attorney that knows the laws of your state.

How long is the travel from Manchester City United Kingdom going to the Philippines?

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Florida statute of limitations on unpaid debt?

The time frame on debt collection is 5 years in Florida. Oral contracts and credit cards are going to be limited to 4 years. The time usually starts from the point of last payment or acknowledgment of the debt.

Can I be sued for a unpaid payday loan of 900?

Absolutely ! If you've borrowed money against your wages, and default on payments, the finance company can (and will) take you to court to recover their loan. This will result in their debt being taken directly from your wages - plus the cost of the court action !

Can you be sued for a marijuana related debt?

No - not unless the marijuana was obtained legally, e.g. if you live in a state where medicinal marijuana is legal and you incurred a debt obtaining it for medicinal purposes.

Can a tenant be sued in another state for unpaid rent?

The jurisdiction for a lawsuit regarding unpaid rent would be the city/town where the apartment is located. So, if the tenants who are owing of this money moved to another state, yes, they can still be sued for collection of these monies. They would then have to travel to the location of the hearing or not show up and loose by default.

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in Michigan?

Appear on the date of the summons. If you fail to appear in court on that date, the plantiff (the party suing you) will obtain a default judgment. Whether or not you show, the plantiff is still likely to get a judgment against you. You would actually be better off trying to make a settlement with the plantiff before it goes to court. This will save you the added expense of legal fees and potentially court costs as well.

Can you be prosecuted for unpaid credit card debt?

A debtor cannot be criminally prosecuted for unpaid debt unless he or she incurred said debt fraudulently. It is a myth that creditors (credit card issuers) do not have recourse to collect the debt owed. Credit cards are considered unsecure debt because their is no specific collateral attached, such as a vehicle. The creditor can file a civil suit against the debtor and if awarded a judgment can execute it in the manner allowed by the judgment debtor's state. Some ways of collecting a judgment are, garnishment of wages or levy of bank accounts or seizure and sale of unexempt personal property or a lien against real property owned by the debtor. What Does Unsecured Debt Mean? A loan not secured by an underlying asset or collateral. Unsecured debt is the opposite of secured debt. The concept of unsecured debt is easily understood when its opposite is considered. A good example of secured debt would be a mortgage. The bank loans out money to a lender who uses it to buy a house; the house becomes the asset backing the loan. In the case of unsecured debt, a lender loans money without the security that an underlying asset provides. For this reason, unsecured debt carries more risk for the lender, which in turn makes the loan more expensive. The more additional risk that a lender must take on, the higher the rate of interest a borrower must pay, making unsecured loans subject to higher rates. Hope this helps

What happens if you are sued for unpaid credit cards?

You could possibly go to jail and or prison. Sorry IF this question is an actuality for you. :(

What are statute of limitations of unpaid debt in Arkansas?

It depends on whether it is written/oral agreement or Promissarynote in Arkansas. The first would be six years and the other fouryears.

How long can a creditor hound you for an unpaid debt?

There is no time period in which a creditor/collector must cease attempts at collecting a valid debt. All US states have statutes of limitations for debts owed. The SOL is the time alloted for the creditor to file suit against the debtor to collect monies owed. The expiration of the SOL is not always a guarantee of not having to pay a valid debt(s), certain circumstances are applicable. It is the legal right of the debtor to inform the creditor/collection agency that they do not wish to be contacted about the debt either by phone, email, postal service, etc. If the debtor wishes to take such action he or she should send a "cease and desist letter" to the creditor(s) requesting that collection attempts should be ended. The correspondence should be precise and sent via registered mail with a return receipt requested in case proof is needed of the action having been taken.

What is the time difference between united kingdom and Philippines standard time?

The Philippines is ahead of the U. K. as follows: . last Sun. of Oct. - last Sun. of Mar.... 8 hours ahead . last Sun. of Mar. - last Sun. of Oct.... 7 hours ahead

What can you do if you are sued for credit card debt and are unemployed?

Unfortunately the law does not recognize the inability to pay one's debts due to any sort of hardship. If the lawsuit is valid it will go forward regardless of the person's financial status. If the creditor wins the suit (which is most likely) they will be granted a judgment and will then be able to execute it in the manner allowed by the laws of the debtor's state.

Can you personaly be sued for unpaid debt when your chapter 13 was dismissed?

Yes, you can be sued for the original debt, minus any money the creditor received during the 13 plan.

How can you find out if the debt collector agency is suing you?

The indebted party will receive a civil summons from the court that has jurisdiction in the area where they reside. A civil summons is not always presented by a process server or officer of the court. It can be delivered by private courier or U.S. Postal service.

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in pa?

Call the loan company and try to work with them. Next step is you loose the car.

What is an example of a debt advice line that is available to residents of the United Kingdom?

There are many different debt advice lines available to residents of the United Kingdom. An example of one of these debt advice lines is Money Extra, whose number is (0)800-093-3537.

Is suing for unpaid child support possible in Reno Nevada?

YES , but why sue when you can actually have him prosecuted criminally. It is illegal not to pay child support. He can be put in jail for it and still forced to pay it off or at very least have his wages garnished. Hey, either way you go, the court will make him pay you back. Suing would mean you'd get maybe more money for emotional damages and 5hit.