Can you have head lice and dandruff at the same time?

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Yes. If you have dandruff, it does not magically go away when you get lice.
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Are feline lice the same lice as head lice?

Head Lice ( pediculus humanus capitis ) are not the same as feline lice. Human head lice need a human to feed on. Head lice feed on a human scalp several times a day.

Does dandruff shampoo kill head lice?

no it can just kill your dandruff...if you want to kill head lice get a bottle of alchol and pour it all over your hair then tie a plastic bag around your head and let it sit

How do you know if you have lice or dandruff?

Usually if you see white dots in your hair it's dandruff but if they are hard to come out or sticky on your hair it's lice they eggs are usually in the under part of your hair