Can you put a 1988 Corsica engine into a 1996 Corsica?

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(Licenced Technician)--Not likely. 1996 vehicles are built to OBD-II emissions standards, and have very specific sensor requirements and locations, as well as completely different computer systems. Besides that, in 1988, the engine displacements were either 2.0L L4 or 2.8L V6, and in 1996 were 2200CC L4 or 3100CC V6. There are too many differences; I can't see any way that either of those engines would fit and be driveable afterwards. Hope this helps.
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Where are the timing marks on a 1996 Chevy Corsica 2.2 engine?

There are none. Ignition timing is not adjustable. Ignition timing and spark advance are handled by the engine controller module and the ignition control module, with inputs f

Can I put an engine out of a 1993 corsica in a 1996?

Answer . \n29s here a mechanic could make any motor of the same type fit but its always best to use the some model motor and if im not mistaken GM 3.1s were the same from

Can you bypass the air conditioning on a 1988 Chevy Corsica with a 2.8 engine?

i have a 96,4cyl. i purchased a special pulley to bypass the condenser,but found it much easier to buy a shorter belt.i ran string around the pulleys and measured it and added

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What liter engine does the Chevrolet Corsica have?

If it is a v6, then 3.1 post 1990 and 2.8 pre 1990. You can probably easily look up that information on wikipedia or this site, which borrows heavily from it. also it should

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Where is the radiator in your 1996 Chevy Corsica?

The radiator is located in front the engine cooling fan and shroud, at the front of the motor. _____________chassis_________________ _____________________________________