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Can you refinance an auto loan when you owe more than it is worth?

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Most people who are refinancing a car loan are, indeed, underwater. The reason is that your car value depreciates much faster than the loan is paid down.

Lenders understand that the LTV will be above 100%, which is why most have LTV threshold around 115-125% (depending on credit worthiness of the consumer).
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If your mom died and she owed more on her car than it is worth and there was no life insurance on the loan who is responsible?

The cosigner if there is one is first to be responsible for the balance of the loan. After that the mom's estate meaning who ever is seeing to her affairs. This can be the rel

Can you get out of a car loan if you owe much more than the vehicle is worth?

You aren't the first person to have this problem. Banks won't justlet you out of a loan and take the car back, they wouldn't make anymoney that way. If you owe more than the c

Kelly Blue Book shows my car is worth more than what I owe. I pay no interest on this loan.?

Answer . Well I really do not know what your question is as you did not ask one. I can only guess as to what you wish to know. If you are paying 0 interest, then there is n

How can you refinance a home loan if you owe more than your property is worth?

More than likely if your credit is good you can still refinance a home that is valued at less than you owe. You would have to roll the difference in what it's worth and what y

If you can't afford your auto loan but owe more than you can sell the car for is there any way to get out of it without having it reposessed?

Yes. Talk to the lender and tell them you want to sell the car, give them the proceeds from the sale, and take out another loan for the balance due. It can be a personnel loan

How would you refinance an auto loan?

You can refinance an auto loan at any place you can get an auto loan. It may be best to use an agency in which you have already gotten a loan through before.

What exactly is refinance auto loan?

To refinance an auto loan, work with your bank or credit union to pay off your existing loan and get better or more spread-out terms for a new loan. Often, it is not worth the

What does it mean to refinance an auto loan?

If you refinance your auto loan you are most likely going to save a lot of money. However most people do not know this. You pay off your current car loan with a refinancing ca

Can you refinance your home loan more than once?

Mortgage refinancing can be done more then once. When looking to refinance your home loan make sure the closing costs don't offset the possible saving of the lower interest ra

How do you refinance a house that you owe more than it's worth?

Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You should speak with your lender. Generally, no new lender will allow a refinance in that situation. You s