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Can you use soybean oil as fuel?

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You can very well do that if you don't mind have most of your car parts burnt. Biofuel are very capable of burning your car parts.
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Is soybean oil a carbohydrate or fat?

Soybean oil is a vegetable-derived polyunsaturated fat. Fats are  oils produced either by animals or plants. Examples of animal fats:  butter, cream, lard. Examples of other

Does soybean oil kill roaches?

Yes on contact, how i have no idea.

Is soybean oil kosher for Passover?

Soybeans are kitniyot so anything made from them aren't used by Ashkenazi Jews during Passover.

How much soybean oil can be obtained from one bushel of soybeans?

Soybean contains approximately 20% of its weight in oil, most of it is extracted using solvents, so one bushel of soybeans yields about 11 pounds or 5 kilograms of oil, that i

What are different uses of soybeans?

Uses of soybeans: 1.Oil Soybean seed contains about 19% oil. To extract soybean oil from seed, the soybeans are cracked, adjusted for moisture content, rolled into flakes and

How many kg soybean oil makes one liter soybean oil?

1 kilogram of soy bean oil will convert into1.09 liters of soy bean  oil. You can find the conversion for this with an online tool.

Can corn oil be used for diesel fuel?

Straight corn oil cannot be used directly as a fuel in any engines. It must first be refined in a similar way to the crude oil which comes from underground oil wells. One wa

How much does a cup of soybean oil weigh?

The weight of one cup of soybean oil is 7.7 ounces. This is equal  to 220 grams or 0.48 pounds.

What is the average yield of US soybeans?

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.92 tonnes/hectare. The figures for 2011 are slightly lower, at 43.0 bushels/acre or 2.89 tonnes/hectare. Accordin

Is soybean oil kosher?

It is kosher so long as it is certified kosher.

How is heavy fuel oil used by people?

Heavy fuel oil (aka No. 6 Fuel Oil) is used by furnaces, boilers, fired heaters, and large engines on tanker ships. It must be preheated to about 150°F before it can be pumpe

Does soybean oil cause acne?

Absolutely! Deep, painful acne that can take weeks to heal. Eat a  can of cream of mushroom soup, and I'd be able to feel it starting  within hours. Soybean oil affects my f

Is soybean seed can be used for fertilizer?

Soybean seed is usually planted in order to enrich the soil in nitrogen before the next crop. Soybean and all legumes fix the nitrogen from the air into the soil, thanks to ba