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Can you use your annuity to buy a house?

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Can you use your annuity to buy a house?
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What is the use of annuities in insurance?

  Answer   I can answer from a claims perspective. I have settled many claims with minor children using annuities. For example a 10 year old child is hurt in a car a

How much do you have to pay a buyer agent when you buy a house in US and do you really need one?

  Answer   The SELLER usually pays all the commissions. The buyer's agent usually gets a split of the realestate contracted commission. If the deal calls for a 4% co

Can a Vietnamese buy a house in America?

YES! But, there are differences with Foreign buyers/investors  and US citizens,    Basic Requirements for Foreign Investors wishing to Purchase Real  Estate in the US

Can you buy a house outside US?

US law does not forbid US citizens from owning property outside the  US. You should thoroughly investigate local laws and requirements  before your purchase, since consumer

What are annuities?

      There can be a few different definitions but in short as it applies to insurance or financial services:   = Two Main Annuity Types: Immediate and Deferre

My husbands credit is good and my credit is bad. do we have to use both of our credit to buy a house?

  No, you don't HAVE TO, but if you want to both be on the deed, etc, then you might want to. Basically, the mortgage maker (bank) will take the better of your scores and

How to buy a house?

Decide your budget, identify the areas in which you want to buy a house, identify a house that suits your budget as well as meets your needs, go for title verification, once s

What are indexed annuities used for?

Indexed annuities can have quite a number of various uses. One of these uses is to protect against the risk of outliving one's income. These are regulated through licensed i

What is annuity?

Technically, the term "annuity" means "a series of payments over time, where the original investment and interest will be distributed over the annuity payout period". However,
Who can have an annuity?

Who can have an annuity?

According to www.retireright.co.uk, anyone who has some  form of retirement income which is capable of being paid out in a  lump sum can have an an annuity.  Think of an an