Can you work in a store at 14 years old?

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Underage is not allowed to work to any stores
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Can a 14 year old work at a Grocery store?

Answer no a fourteen year old cant not work at a grocery store they have to be sixteen year old and have parent approve to work their and the mgr has to work them less hours t

Can a 14 year old work at a Seven Eleven store?

The law may be different in your area, but here the age is 15 to obtain working papers. And then, not all types of jobs are possible. Such things as running a meat slice

Can 14 year olds work at a corner store in Charlotte NC?

Yes you can but its likely that they would hire a kid over a adult. And you might need to get your work permit You can get a work permit from school just ask your guidance

What retail stores can a 14 year old work at?

As a 14 year old old you can work in any retail store that will hire you. However if the retail store is goverment affiliated then it is ill eagle. Also if the store sells alc

What stores can a 14 year old work in tn?

You cold Work at World Overcomes Outreach Ministries church Day camp. They pay alot. How's this for a geiser-18 dollars an hour for 9 hours that's almost more than 100 dollar

Can a 14 year old work in a pet store?

Maybe. It depends on where you live. While 16 is usually when children are allowed to start working, one can (in many places) get special permits to begin at an earlier age. O
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What stores can you work at when your 14 years old?

When you're 14, you usually cannot find employment unless you knowa small, independent business owner who is willing to work aroundrequirements set by law for hours and days 1
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What grocery stores can 14 year oldes work?

Not that I am aware of. It also depends where you live. Some grocery stores will probably accept you as young as 15, but normally it is 16 years or older.