Do Plants Grow Better With 25 watts 100 watts or 200 watts beter?

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It depends on the type of plant.
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What are watts?

Watt is a derived unit in SI for the power; the symbol is W. The basic units: 1 W = 1 kg.m2/s3. The most used multiples arekilowatt (1000 W) and megawatt (1 million watts).

What is watts?

A watt is the SI unit of power. It's equivalent to one joule per second.

Who was Watt?

James Watt (1736-1819) was a Scott who improved the steam engine. He is often confused with as the inventor of the steam engine. The unit "watt" is named after him. it is equal to on joule per second.

How much is 200 watts in degrees?

The answer to this question is more scientific / mathematical then simple, in terms of questions this one refers to kelvin/watts to degrees. the simplest (not always right) answer is 40.83c or 105.5f the formula is: degrees = [(W x T) / G] x shc W = watts T = time G = grams shc = speci (MORE)

What is a watt?

The watt is a unit of power . It is a Newton meter persecond, or can be given as a joule per second. We often encounterit in electrical calculations, and it is the unit of power forapplications there. The formula for power is given here: P = I x E In this expression, the power (P) in watts is equ (MORE)

Where did James watt grow up?

James Watt spent the first 18 years of life in Greenrock which islocated in the United Kingdom. He is known for his work onimproving the steam engine.

Can you put a 25 watt bulb in a 30 watt fixture?

Yes, the rating of the fixture is the maximum size bulb that the fixture should take. The fixture is rated to dissipate a certain amount of heat that is generated by a bulb. By putting in a bigger bulb and thereby generating more heat than the fixture was designed for, could destroy the fixture. Som (MORE)

What does 25 watt bulb mean?

It meas that the bulb uses 25 watts of electric power to run. Different types of bulb produce different amounts of light, withincandescent bulbs producing the least. A bigger proportion of theenergy supplied to the compact fluorescent bulb is transferred tolight and less wasted to the surroundings (MORE)

How many volts are 200 watts?

Zero. Watts is the product of Amps x Volts. As you can see an amperage value is needed. Voltage = Watts/Amps. Volts = 200/?. 20 volts

Which glows more brightly a 100 watt or a 50 watt?

A 100 watt bulb will normally glow brighter than a 50 watt bulb as long as you are comparing similar style bulbs. You have to compare Incandescents to Incandescents, Fluorescent to Fluorescent, LED to LED, and so forth. You also have to make sure your bulbs are similar in light patterns since you ca (MORE)

Effects of 25 watts to plants?

bad question. 25 watts of light? 25 watts of music? What kind of plants? What kind of light source? more information needed.

What did watt do?

James Watt was a Scottish inventor who is famous for hisimprovements on the design of early steam engines. He became amajor contributor to the Industrial Revolution.

Lumens in a 25 watt bulb?

That varies a lot, depending on the type of light bulb. The old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs produce much less light, for the same power, than the fluorescent light bulbs. That varies a lot, depending on the type of light bulb. The old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs produce much less ligh (MORE)

How many marijuanna plants can you grow with 250 watts of light?

Long answer: it depends what kind of bulbs you're using, how big your plant is, how you have the light spaced, etc. 250 watts= 5, 50 watt incandescent bulbs; 6, 40 watt, 4-foot fluorescent bulbs; two 125 watt metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs. If you can afford the HPNa or the MH, you can a (MORE)

Is 1500 watts better then 800 watts?

It really depends on what you are needing. If this is for an air conditioner or ceramic heater, you may not need one that big. If this is for an outdoor light to light an entire yard, you may want the bigger wattage. ■

How many decibels is 100 watts?

Given: Power P = 100 W. Reference power Po = 10^−3 W = 1 mW. Reference power level LPo = 0 dB. Get power P when entering power level LP: P = Po×10^(LI/10) W = 10^−3×10^(LP/10) W. Get power level LI in dB when entering power P in W. LP = 10×log (P / Po) dB = 10×log (MORE)

Can you use a 800 watt speaker with a 100 watt amp?

AS long as the impedance is a match you can use any speake with any amp. But if the power ratings are too mismatched don't expect it to sound that good. If the amp is stronger than the speaker, the speaker can be damaged if you crank the amp up high. And if you hook an amp to a too strong speaker th (MORE)

How many volts is a 100 watts?

The question "How many volts is a 100 watts?" does not make sense. This answer explains why, and attempts to answer the underlying question. A volt is a unit of electrical pressure, in fundamental units of joules per coulomb. A watt, on the other hand is a unit of power transfer, in fundamental uni (MORE)

How hot does a 200 watt bulb get?

This depends on the bulb design. A simple tungsten filament bulb might have a surface temperature of the bulb well above 100 C. A fluorescent lamp will be much cooler for the same light output.

1000 watt grow faster than 400 watts?

1000 watts will definitely be hotter and produce more lumens but alot of light is lost by distance or the proximity of the light to your plant. All I've seen posted would suggest using more smaller light fixtures (i.e 400 watt) closer to plants unless you are trying to cover larger areas at once and (MORE)

Can you put a 100 watt bulb in a 75 watt lamp?

No, if a lamp is only rated for 75 watts then that is the maximum wattage that should be applied to the fixture. The manufacturer of the fixture has to get an inspection on the electrical device that he wants to sell. This is done through an underwriters that determine what the maximums the device w (MORE)

Which is brighter 10 watts or 25 watts bulb?

That depends on so much more then just the watt of the bulb, but if you have two identical bulbs where the only difference is the amount of watt, then logic dictates that 25watt is brighter then 10watt

How many watts do you need to grow a weed plant?

100 watts minimum per plant prox. 2000 lummens is great but can take more, up to 100.000 lummens too kill the plant. if you have LED grow light then you will need less Watts like 90watts LED is like 400-600watt MH/HPS vise versa. Buy nasa testet LED grow light or wich thay use. Hmm i think that al (MORE)

How many watts are in 200 mA?

P=I x E Watts = Amps X Volts So, 200Ma or .2A X 120v would be 24W Substitute any voltage to get the corrected power (Watts).

Can you use a 300 watt subwoofer with a 100 watt amp?

Yes you can. The amplifier will not drive the speaker to its full power and it is important that you don't allow the amplifier to be driven hard enough to distort. Other than that, there shouldn't be any problem at all.

How many hours is there in 200 watts?

In general, you can't convert between incompatible units; in this case you have hours, which is a unit of time, and watts, which is a unit of power.

Can you use a 100 watt basking lamp to grow marijuana?

Thats what I do, and I've been shot at a couple times because I have the best prices and best weed. I've compared 100 watt basking lamp with special weed growing lights, and the basking lamp works 200% better. Happy Growing!

What is 100 watts?

Watts is a unit of power that is equal to volts x amps x PowerFactor. Answer The watt is the SI unit for power . Power is defined as 'the rate of doing work' . Since work ismeasured in joules, the watt is equivalent to (a special name givento) a joule per second. The watt is sometimes d (MORE)

How loud is 200 watts?

Well, I just bought a 200 watt passive PA speaker system. Now before I answer this: Watts are not loudness, they are power. Okay, so now that's over with. 200 watts is VERY loud in general. I know a guy who owns a 50 watt stereo, and if he turns is up ~50% people will complain. So if you are wantin (MORE)

What is the meaning of 100 watt in bulbs?

A 100 W bulb consumes a power of 100 watts, so that in one hour itwould absorb 100 watt-hours of energy, or in 10 hours it would use1000 watt-hours or 1 kilowatt-hour of energy.

What does 100 watt means?

A watt is a made-up unit of measurement named after James Watt (who helped to develop the steam engine in England). Watts = Volts x Amperes

Which appliances are 100 watts?

The ambiguity of the question can only lead to an answer of, check the appliance nameplates of the appliances in question.

How much electricity is in 100 watts?

Watts is a measure of power. Watts is defined as volts x amps x power factor. The maximum value of power factor is 1 for a resistive load and decreases with various inductive loads. Now electricity doesn't relate directly to wattage other than knowing how many amps are required for a given voltage. (MORE)