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Do male cats have nipples?

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Cat nipples Yes they do. As a matter of fact, most male mammals have nipples. Male cats, like female cats, have 6 nipples in total.
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Why does my male cat have weird nipples?

It could be that your cats nipples are fine but you think that they are not right. Male cats don't breast feed to their babies so their nipples would look quite different to f

Why is there a Red area around male cat nipple?

If there is an area of inflamed and red color around a cat'snipple, it is possible that it is impacted. That is a seriousmedical situation and should be taken care of by a vet

If a male cat has nipples is it a girl?

No. Many male mammals have nipples, but they do not function or produce milk, just like male humans have nipples but are void of any use.