Do male cats have nipples?

Cat nipples Yes they do. As a matter of fact, most male mammals have nipples. Male cats, like female cats, have 6 nipples in total.
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How do you introduce a male cat to a female cat?

It truly depends on the age of the cats, and where they have lived. For older cats where one has lived in your house for a long time, you must introduce the other slowly. Ofte (MORE)

What is the ratio of female cats to male cats?

Well, in our school, we did a survey of the whole school of the people who had cats and wether their female or male and it seemed that the female cat, produces more of the mal (MORE)

Is it better to get a male or a female cat as a companion for a male cat?

Answer   We started with a male cat and added a female cat. They get along famously. We then added two more males cats, and they all seem to get along very well. In fact, (MORE)

Why Do Cats Cry?

Cats, like any other animal, have ways of communicating with each other and with humans. Meowing is their way of letting their owner know that they want or need something. Exc (MORE)

Why Do Cats Spray and How Can You Stop Them?

If you have had a spraying cat then you know how annoying it is. In fact one question veterinarians get asked often is, "Why do cats spray?" The urine smell is tough to get ou (MORE)
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What to Do When Your Cat Won't Eat

Cats can be finicky eaters. Some cats simply decide from one day to the next that they no longer like a food they've been happily eating before. This can be frustrating for ca (MORE)

Is there a male cat?

Yes, there is a male cat.   There is a Tom cat and a Queen cat.   The Tom is male, and the Queen is female.   How else can we get kittens without the male cat? The m (MORE)

Why does your male cat lick your other male cat?

When two cats live together and are friendly with each other (like, sleep next to each other), they often wash each other. It's a sign of affection for one another.   Usua (MORE)

What Does Your Cat's Meow Mean?

One of the primary ways cats communicate is through body language, but they also express themselves vocally. Cats have a wide range of vocal expressions, and "meow" (MORE)

Preparing for Your New Cat

Bringing home a new kitten, or an adult cat, is exciting for everyone, but some adjustments will be required. Cats are great, low-maintenance pets perfect for active, busy fam (MORE)