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Yes, if course Myanmar has internet service. It includes dial up, ADSL broadband, Wimax, Skynet and IP star. ADSL is widely used and speed is up to 2048 kbps. Mobile internet was introduced in 2009. GSM and CDMA 800 network can use internet. GSM speed is 64kbps and CDMA is 3mbps but reduced to 128kbps in 2011 due to DDOS attck. But it does not still get back to 3mbps. CDMA users are now facing slow connection.
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Did Myanmar become Burma?

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When did Burma become Myanmar?

Burma officially became the Union of Myanmar in 1989 however the new name is not universally recognised.

Why did Burma become Myanmar?

to eliminate the colonial name of Burma

Military dictatorship in myanmar burma?

Myanmar is current run by a military dictatorship.

Is Myanmar in Burma?

  Myanmar is Burma. The country has two names, depending upon who is referring to the country. See the link. Best,

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Is Burma now called Myanmar?

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Why do people call Myanmar Burma?

In the Burmese language Burma can be called either Myanmah or Bama. During British Colonial rule the country was called Burma in English. In 1989 the military Govt. officially

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