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Does a step father have any legal rights over step children?

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Not specifically without clarification of the courts. Please see link below
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What rights to custody of your children does the step father have in the event you were to die?

If the child has been residing with the step-father for x amount oftime he may be able to get physical custody of the child unless thebiological father wants to take the physi

My family and were told by my father several times that he had a will and it's missing so and we have reason to believe his step-children have stolen it--what legal rights do we have if any?

  Chances are the lawyer who drew up this "official paper" has the original in his/her files. If the will was drawn up using a computer program, chances are the copy of th

What are Biological childrens rights over step children?

Step-children have no rights to a step-parent's estate who died intestate (without a will) unless the step-children had been legally adopted by the step-parent. In that case t

If your parent dies which was remarried does the biological children have any rights over the step parent or step children in regards to his belongings?

It depends if there was a will or not. Step-children have no rights to the estate of a step-parent unless specifically named in the will. If there was no will, the estate is t

What legal rights do your step children have to property their now deceased father and I acquired during the marriage?

They may have no rights to property you acquired during your marriage but that depends on some other factors such as: . How your co-owned property was titled. . Whether h

Do your step children have any legal rights to your estate years after their father died if you don't leave anything to them in your will?

Your step children have no legal rights to your own property after your death whether you have a will or die without a will. Your step children have no legal rights to your

Does a step son have a legal right if not adopted to arrange his step fathers funeral?

not really, other family members may want to do it first. It will also depend where the funds are coming from to pay for the funeral. If there is no estate and it is the step