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Does the system of grants in aid upset the balance of federalism?

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What are the different types of grant in aid?

Block Grants: Block grants leave it up to the grant receiver (for example, a US State from the Federal Government) to decide what to do with the money. Categorical Grant: Ca

How does the system of federalism balance the power of states and the national government?

The system of federalism balances the power of states and the national government because it gives greater powers to the national government so that our nation did not turn ou

How does the system of checks and balances in federal government work?

The three branches of government; Judicial, Legislative and  Executive, respectively; each are given powers and limits by the  Constitution that allow them to "check and bal

How do federal grants in aid work?

States must contribute some of their own money, and they must obey rules set by Congress in order to receive these grants. For example, the federal government contributes 90 p

What are grants in aid categorical grants and block grants?

Grants in aid are grants to states to achieve a public project or service. Categorical grants are grants that are given to states for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Block grants are