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Fair Trade

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Fair trade is an agricultural economic practice that ensures producers from poorer countries or are poor themselves get fair prices on the crops and livestock they sell. Information on fair trade can be shared here.
Coffee Chocolate Bananas
Côte d'Ivoire 41% Ghana 18% Indonesia 14%
They don't really have a motto, but they do have a brief description of what they do. It goes "Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world"
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fair trade helps poor people on farms who don't earn enough money to feed themselves and are over worked in harsh conditions- with the help of fair trade- when a fair trade product is sold the money is shared fairly giving the hard working poor people more money- the fare trade minimum cost is a...
they come from united kingdom
fair trade helps sustainable development by giving the poor people much more money
The current fair trade movement was shaped in Europe in the 1960s . Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability .. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_trade
It depends on who you are. There is no specific answer. You will never find one. But everyone likes and dislikes different things. I personally find no difference.
fair trade cane sugar is 1.25p per a kilo
fair trade is an organisation that works with companies to give a fair amount of money to the workers who make their product and to treat them well. they do help developing countries get a fair amount when the things they make gets sold to the western community.
The general term means an equitable exchange between producers and consumers. Historically, many situations, including colonialism and tariffs, have affected trade. The more modern usage was defined by trade organizations that established a system (Fair Trade) beginning in the 1960's. Fair Trade is...
companies such as Tesco and other supermarket stores.
many different companies support fair starde, such as starbucks, some asda products, and definitly the co-operative store
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You can find Hong Kong Trade Development Council, they organizednumbers of big trade fairs for wholesale suppliers &manufacturers from different countries, especially from China. More details at hktdc.com
fair trade has been around for over 40 years
It's suppose to go towards getting woman and children out of slavery in factories.
they have to sale fair trade stuff to be frair trade and this is from Abu at sandringham primmry school Thank you
it gives the business a good reputation because they are backing a charity
One company that sells fair trade gifts is Unity - Fair Trade Marketplace. Another is Ten Thousand Villages.
most food was at once fair trade.
does ta come from ghana
there arn't any. the government is lying to you. the fair trade has high increased fats, even worse than normal.
fairtrade is more expensive, but it means that the people who made the goods get more money, which is useful for them as they often have very poor living conditions
In the most basic sense, yes, because fair trade is buying goods at above market prices with the explicit purpose of providing the sellers of goods with more money so they will be able to live in better conditions.
sikhisms would say that everyone is equal and should be treated fairly. basically normal companies such as Cadbury's buy raw materials such as cocoa or bananas or whatever from poor countries... such as Ghana ... and these companies pay these people too less so they can get even more profit...
PG Tips, a mainstream brand of tea that is the dominant brand of tea in the UK and is now widely available in the US as well, does not currently sell any fair trade certified tea, nor does it sell any single-origin tea. Its teas are all blends, combining tea from a number of different regions of the...
so they know that you have been approved to enter
Fair trade goods buy from farmer their goods with a better price i.e. to ensure their living. There is no real better thing about the product itself rather than it is an ethical act. However, it is sometimes used as an advertisement method so buy the fairtrade that has high reputation in it's...
Ghirardelli is not certified fair trade by any third party organization which issues such certifications.
People are not explicitly against Fair Trade products. They merely don't buy them because they tend to be more expensive.
They can buy fair trade products. Fair trade means that it comes from your own country. Buying from your own country means that there is no need to ship the item, making less pollution. Also if it is fruit, it will be more fresh.
the fair trade products are the ones that are more expensive, non-fair trade products are less expensive because if the owner of the slaves making the products gets little money from around the world he doesnt have to pay his slaves. it's very unkind
Very few. Starbucks sells fair trade coffee beans for you to take home and use. 
Fair Trade Certified products alone positively impact the lives of the over one million Fair Trade farmers and their families, who are located in 58 countries. Fair Trade raises the standards of living for these families and offers a comprehensive development of their communities . It offers...
This question can refer to a number of agreements and frameworks. These include the the normalization of Sino-American relations by Nixon, macroeconomic liberalization initiated by Deng Xiaoping, and the granting of Most Favored Nation trade status in 1994.
I do actually. I work for a company called TransFair USA, the leading third party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US. We, along with a network of other Labeling initiatives have strict standards that very depending on the product.
Starbucks does get a lot of it's coffee beans from fair trade sources. To be fair trade certified though, I belive the percentage of fair trade products needs to be higher than Starbucks currently achieves .
people shouldnt use fairtrade foods because they are poisenes and they can kill :( people need to use PROPER foods and not use these ones :D
because not all food are grown on another country .... x
developing countries such as Ghana etc.
It will cost a bit more so they will have to charge more then if they were buying normal products. This may make it harder to compete, which is the whole issue with Fair Trade.
Fair trade coffee wasn't invented. It is a way of doing business. Companies make choices to purchase goods from other companies that they consider fair and reliable. Fair trade simply means that the company creating the product is paying fair wages and not doing unethical things with their money and...
because people are spending more money on fair trade products and it creates pollution when it is being shipped somewhere.
there are laws that cover what people can reasonably expect when it comes to trading with other people. The government has set up infrastructure that specialised in these sort of regulation's. the people that work for the fair trade organisation get paid to look after the interests of people doing...
It means that the producers are treated better, they get proper working conditions, good pay and treated as equals.
Probably but the fair trade sign is so that could be your problem
it helps the farmers so they can buy seeds and it goes back to the farmers so they can create more food for us
Often fair trade products are more expensive.. also the other worker that are not working for trade get paid less
Yes. See the related link below for the Fairtrade Japan website for more information.
Because it is fairer to the people.
its hard for blacks to trade fairly
Well, he was a very fair man as he made everyone sit down in a temple showing that everyone is equal. So when it came to trade he would not cheat and always tell the truth, and he was very fair! :)
Pros 1. Raises a standard living of a countries residents 2. Reduces the threat of inflation 3. Indicates that countries residents are feeling confident and wealthy to buy more than the country produces Cons 1. Over time can cause job outsourcing 2. Leads to lowering in value of the...
No, Thorntons are not a fair trade company.
Slifer has a value of $33 in the YMA pack (losing value every 3 weeks lately) Slifer has a value of $35 in the GBI pack 1. Make sure you tell your trader who has this card the value of it 2. Trade him cards that are worth about $3-$5 more than his Slifer in total then he can have a more valuable...
It started at 1940 may 9th
No, not necessarily.
It is always the second weekend in August.
Because it makes them feel better than when they buy from capitalist, greedy suppliers who profit from other people's hard work and misery.
A 100gram bar of cadburys fair trade cost £1.09
The concept of 'fair trade' has been around for over 40 yearsbut a formal labelling scheme didn't get off the ground until thelate 1980s. In 1988 : launch of the first Trade label, MaxHavelaar, under the initiative of the Dutch development agency. Thefirst 'Fairtrade' coffee from Mexico was sold...
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Because people that are less fortunate then us can get a better future.
nobody knows a lot about the meaning
Trade helped a civilization gain contacts with other parts of theworld. Also, merchants brought back spices and goods that peoplehadn't discovered in that certain area. Obviously, trade helped theeconomy and sometimes even political issues. New religions werespread through trade too
The green represents the grass. The blue represents the sky. And the black part in the middle shows a man or a woman with their arm raised. This could represent the farmer holding up their product. A consumer reaching up to get a Fairtrade product off the shelf at the shop. Or, a Fairtrade...
well they would have to charge more because it costs more to buy so they would be earning more money
Helping producers to get a good deal and not be cheated. A little bit more money can make a big difference.
There are a lot of products that come under this category. If fellow answerers could add to this list, it would be much obliged. Fair Trade products: Fruits: . Pineapples . Oranges . Mangoes . Avocados . Lemons . Soft Citrus . Grapes . Apples . Pears . Plums . Bananas Vegetables: ....
There's no standard definition of 'Fair Trade' so there's no real answer. Organizations that certify fair trade bananas have rules that you can look up on their websites, or on the websites of the organizations they are a part of, though. (e.g. FLO-CERT)
Because they don't fully understand the importance of buyingfairtrade, and also fairtrade products are usually more expensivethan other ones.
Free trade consists in few or no limits on trade between countries. Who would benefit? A good example for this topic would be us Americans ,it would enable more goods and services to reach American consumers at lower prices.
it causes some people loss of money. fairtrtade causes people to cut trees and forests down just so they can plant loads more crops and pollution from transportation
A: The " fair " in fair trading is " Making poverty history " would that not be fair . Find out more by googling " Global fair trade ".
Free trade is necessary for specialization among producers to take place. Free trade
dose it come from afica
Nowadays, people are very concerned about others and the environment. Fair Trade cocoa helps the cocoa farmers and the environment. The farmers get paid fairly for their cocoa with fair trade. Also, because they get paid more, they can leave the cocoa in its natural habitat, where it grows better....
becaus fair trade products cost more