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Cydia is an alternative operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPods that have been jailbroken.
What you do is go to your cydia on your ipod touch or iphone. Well next you go to manage, then selected passages, next you go to cydia installer and click on it then you press modified or that corner button on then right side of the screen also when you click on it you are going press remove and...
Jailbreaking is LEGAL in America. If you just download themes andcydia apps, it is legal. Cydia can be used in illegal ways byadding sources and downloading apps from sources other than theones already installed on cydia. Not all sources are illegal, but alot are.
It sounds as if you did not jailbreak it properly and something is wrong with the iPod Touch. This should just be a minor problem which can only be fixed by doing a restore through iTunes.
You dont download it on you ipod. You download it on your computer
Don't download loads of apps. Cydia alone will most likely notcrash your iPhone, but installing many apps increase chances.
Im not sure but go to my website: marcos1146.webs.com I have like 50 cydia sources
If you have root access (For example: iFile or SSH access) then goto etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete all those files and then yourdevice should be fine.
no it is a program that you get from the newer programs (passed 3.0.0) i dont know if you can get it without jailbreaking programs tho
Your friend might have been lying, because there is no possible appthat can get you free Wi-Fi anywhere. Unless he/she got an app thatcracks Wi-Fi passwords, then that is illegal. If he did get an appthat cracks passwords, then he/she most likely downloaded it fromalternate sources/repositories. Ask...
Getting Cydia/Rock on your iPhone requires jailbreaking it. use Blackra1n to jailbreak your iphone, then when is starts you will have an icon called Blackra1n, select it and up Cydia/Rock on your iPhone.
Yes there is a Mac os x theme on cydia(winterboard)
you have to go to cydia and just go to manage then go to source and it should be there.
I don't know one solely dedicated to psx ROMs but cydia.myrepospace.com/ROMlous has over 120 ROMs and the manager of the source takes requests for ROMs to add to the repo. Hope this helps.
You cant get Icy anymore. Besides Cydia is way more safer to use.
Did you accedentally disable your iPod? You might have bricked itand it connected to apple servers and updated. It all depends onwht iPod you are really talking about.
It is possible ,but the majority is from cracked repo sources.
Well if your still jailbroken and you accidentally deleted Cydiathen you have to re-jailbreak unless you have SSH and know how touse it. IF you have SSH and know how to use it, connect to yourphone using the application of your choice, (for exampleL WinSCP,Cyberduck etc.) open your console in that...
you could wait until the battery dies and connect it to yourcharger to boot it back up, but that's only if your lucky if itreturns to normal. The only other choice is to restore it.
You don't download the cydia ipa. Use this link to find out how to jailbreak your iDevice: jailbrea.kr
* I was downloading blacksn0w *It shows my custom boot log but than turns off *I cannot connect to itunes because it wont go to that lockscreen *need help plz
You should check and make sure you installed cydia correctly. (Tryreinstalling, and see if something got left out.) Sometimes errorsare caused by accidentally deleting one of the necessary cydiapackages.
Yes, You can use the Jailbreak tool called Absinthe 2.0 and all youhave to do is follow the instructions then tada. Cydia will beinstalled onto your device.
No, but it it woth downloading the app iphonecake, this can be usedto download games directly to your phone wether paid or unpaid.
In order to delete packages that you have installed on Cydia you need to go into Cydia. Tap Manage on the bottom of the Cydia home page. Select Packages. Choose the package you wish do delete. Press Modify in the top right corner and select remove. This will delete or uninstall the package.
All you have to do is go on the internet on your iTouch, and go to jailbreakme.com. Slide the slider at the bottom and it downloads Cydia to your iTouch automatically for free. I have seen this website on my own iTouch, and the only thing about the website is that your version has to be (I THINK)...
one dose not simply download A 1 A premium for free
first you have to jailbreak it the easiest one is to use spiritjb.com after that cydia should be downloaded onto your iPod/iPhone when clicking on it if it goes black the screen this is then it has gone wrong then you need to restore your iPod one way is to go on to felixburns then dowload the...
it depends on how much space you have left its not much though you need to keep getting space
Vshare is likda like a Cydia for nonjailbreak - great fordownloading games/apps for free, however you will need toreauthorise it every 7 days, but it's worth it!
you have to restart springboard. the easiest way to do this is but downloading SBSettings from cydia then after that's downloaded slide your finger across the top part of your itouch (do this from home screen or page that displays apps. both are the same) and a screen should come up that has a...
You have to jailbreak the device.
Cydia and blackra1n only damages your ipod if you jailbreak it incorrectly. There are plenty of youtube videos explaining how to jailbreak. I have jailbroken mine have had no problems. And YES jailbreaking is worth it because u can edit basically everything to do with themes and you can edit sounds...
applocker it costs .99 cents in the cydia app
idk (someone else) u can download it in 2shared.com and them put it on your itunes 9.1 on the app list then lastly sync (another person)
Yes, many Cydia apps or packages are free. You can simply download them from Cydia. Others must be purchased. To pay for Cydia apps you will need either a PayPal or Amazon account.
No. You will have to jailbreak your iDevice.
You mean Jailbreak tool. Depends on what iOS your trying tojailbreak. iOS 8: Pangu iOS 7: Pangu and Evasi0n iOS 6: Evasi0n and Redsn0w iOS 5: Absinthe 2.0 iOS 4 and below: On your device, go to Jailbreakme.com and justinstall there. Note: MAKE SURE the jailbreaks are Untethered. Which means you...
you can get them for free from "apt.emmersonic.com"
Some good sources for Cydia are: apt.123locker.com/ Cydia.xsellize.com/ Cydia.hackulo.us/ repo.insanelyi.com/ Sinfuliphonerepo.com/ Note: For the URL sources: Cydia.xsellize.com/ and Cydia.hackulo.us/ the C in Cydia has to be a capital in order to work. It will NOT work if it is not capitalized.
You'll have to open cydia 1 more time and install Cydelete
You can get themes for you ipod, free apps, and tweak your ipod.. Cydia actually is a graphical interface for ATP (Advanced Packaging Tool) that allow users to install repositories with software which unavailable on the App Store. Installation of Cydia occurs during the ...
Installious has been removed for over 4 years. The creator has wentto court and got sued. Probably the same to dTunes as well.
Well there are various or reasons why. Corrupt files, BrokenTweaks, Non-Payed Tweaks, and RARELY software issues.
Well the no matter what you do. Update, Restore, and etc, you haveto rejailbreak it.
from cydia you download apps songs movies for free but you must have a jail broken device it downloads with the jailbreak
Depends on what firmware. But Applications that supply free moviesare MovieBox and PlayBox
Yes, one of my favorite tweaksis called link tunes, it adds abutton to the iTunes store where you can download almost any songfor free
Go into cydia head over to installed and choose the app/tweak/themethat you want to remove, press the modify option at the top right,press remove then confirm.
Depends on what iOS your trying to jailbreak. iOS 8: Pangu iOS 7: Pangu and Evasi0n iOS 6: Evasi0n and Redsn0w iOS 5: Absinthe 2.0 iOS 4 and below: On your device, go to Jailbreakme.com and justinstall there. Note: MAKE SURE the jailbreaks are Untethered. Which means you dontneed a computer to boot...
There are various ways of doing this. If your jailbroken, You canuse the SSH method. If you have iFile then you can do it that wayas well. The other way is just using the jailbreak tool andjailbreaking your device.
Yes it takes up 1 gb in your memory
Assuming you mean Apple App Store Apps you shoul use installous it's repo is cydia.hackulo.us. If you want free Cydia apps such as gosphone or nesadx cydia.xsellize.com has alot otherwise try repo.hackyouriphone.org. If you want a source for ROMs add cydia.myrepospace.com/ROMlous the manager of...
Try rebooting your iDevice by holding down the power and homebutton untill it turns off. Then release both buttons and power itback up
Installious has been illegal and has been gone for a long time. Usethe alternative called Appcake. Add the repo to your sources:http:/.cydia.iphonecake.com/
For iPad 1 you can use Greepois0n or RedSn0w to jaikbreak and get Cydia For iPad 2 you can only use Absinthe Both must be downloaded onto your computer to begin a jailbreak
First off this sounds like a statement not a question :-/ but i guess i know what you're getting at. Even if a source on cydia has a question mark it still can work properly. Source with a question mark that doesn't work or is invalid will cause error when trying to receive data and you will be...
They are for downloading Cydia applications.
Have you heard of appcake? If not, it is another app that sellsfree apps.
if you want free music then good luke listen to me i recently download cydia and then rock i thought to my shelf which one to use i used cydia and i found a app call Dtunes download this and you got any tune you want even ones that arnt out yet GET IN THERE FINALLY any more questions like this email...
Click the related link below.
No, you will only lose like your music, photos, ringtones, contactand what ever iTunes offers to sync. Restoring to a previous backupcan probably lose your jailbreak. Restoring your device completelyremoves your jailbreak.
Go into Itunes and restore your iPod
Your question does not make sense but i think i know what yourtalking about. I think your asking how can you recover your lostCydia apps/tweaks after accidentally updating your device. Well,there isn't really another way unless you have the tweak thatbackups your tweaks so when these types of...
Depends on what firmware. Watch iTwe4kz, EverythingApplePro, andmyjailbreakmovies on YouTube.. All three of those Jailbreakersshowcase new tweaks every week.
you cant because cydia is stupid and wont let you because i hate cydia i spent 1 hour jailbraking with that stupid cydia thing and i cant even ues it
Lots of folks have become totally annoyed with iTunes software. iTunes works ok with regard to connecting you to the Apple iTunes Store, it is somewhat restrictive in its ability to organize and manage music files on your PC which are not related to iTune store purchases. Like burned CDs and other...
If you have Cydia then there is no point to re jailbreak. If youtry to re jailbreak, The tool you try to use will not let youjailbreak it because the Cydia sources are already installed intoyour device.
You pretty much broke your Jailbreak. Force your device to sleep.(Home button and Lock button until the screen goes black.) hold thehome button and immediately connect to computer and restore yourdevice. After that just make it ra1n and your device will be fine.Although you will lose everything...
I will try to make sence of what you wrote. So what I am guessingis that you found some website that said you could jailbreak youripod by clicking a button, then a cydia icon came up on yourhomescreen and when you opened it, it would say something like"press here to jailbreak." Well unless you are...
It means that it crashed. There is a file that's either corrupt orjust not making Cydia work. Check your installed Tweaks and figureout which one is preventing Cydia to do its work. Good Luck.
Cydia is a way of installing themes, modifications, and applications on an iOS device. Many people love it and after using it can't live without it. However, because the apps are not always reviewed by anyone, it's fairly easy to fall for a scam. It's like the internet, it can be extremely good, but...
Getting the free paid apps can only be done by jailbreaking, but it is very illegal. You dont have to jailbreak your phone or itouch to get free paid apps, you can test apps for developers to get their newest apps for free. You need to review the app or send them some feedback. You get money to...
Cydia is an app itself you get when you jailbreak your iPod touch. You get it when jaibreak is finished, if you have greenp0ison, you have to go on loader and download Cydia from there. If you use redsn0w, you will have the choice of downloading Cydia from your computer to your iPod.
I believe it voids your warente.
Cydia is like the appstor for hacks, basically anyhing is nowpossible on your iPod.
First things first - that was the risk you took jailbreaking it. Jailbreaking causes these problems when not done properly, and since there is such a small margin to not make any errors, your problem occurred. Now, connect your iPod to iTunes, click on the iPod menu that shows up in iTunes, and...
You would have to re-jailbreak. How would u re- jailbreak it?
Even if you get it, it wont work in the UK, Downloading it from Installious wont help and making a US iTunes account then downloading it wont work. UK users (like you and me) will have to wait for a cloud browse server to be up and running in the UK before we can get it to work.
Much of the apps on cydia are indeed free. But cydia also has a built in store where people may purchase apps.
sinfuliphonerepo.com once entered hit add anyway and go to return to cydia then choice anroid lock xt cracked hit install then once done hit restart spring board hit home then go to settings and find anrdoid lock enable it hit change pattern to what you want and done
Ok first hit packages in manage and hit the top right ico that says simple or somthin hit cydia installer and hit delete make shire u don't have programs left cuz they'll stay 1s u delete cydia and I'm going through the stress pain of accidently deletein cydia because I figured out all the cool...
Just COD Zombies. You can get all the maps by downloading the latest version.
im considering you already have winterboard and installous so get infindock infiniboard gpsphone