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Glow Sticks

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Glow sticks make light through chemiluminescence. They are a translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances.
The glow stickcontains two chemicals and a suitable dye (sensitizer, orfluorophore). The chemicals inside the plastic tube are a mixtureof the dye and diphenyl oxalate . The chemical in the glassvial is hydrogen peroxide . --- Taken from googlesearch.
Glow sticks are sorta poisonous, so the baby would be poisoned andwould need to get help for it right away.
Pretty much nothing since any glow stick sold commercially contains relatively harmless substances that exhibit phosphorescence through a chemical reaction that is also harmless. Don't freak, just wash your hands and carry on.
I have actually tried this... but yes it will... all you need iswarmer water and your glowstick! But I have to warn you... theplace you will be working at will have to be covered completely andwhen you pour the liquid into the water, the water will not glowvery much. Usually when I tested it, the...
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You snap it. And sometimes you have to shake it too.
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It really depends on where you look, because there are 100 packs,30 packs, 50 packs, 80 packs, etc. Do you get what I mean??
It isn' t possible to uncrack a glowstick.
could be all sorts, but the basics are luminol and sodium hydroxide When they react, light is given out.
yes, it even makes them last longer.
No, it is a chemical mix.
Bend it until you here a crack but be careful sometimes the chemicals expose
Yes there is a pigment in the stick after the chemical reaction & it will stain floors & textiles
No. The glowing is because of chemiluminesence. A chemical reaction made of usually hydrogen peroxide and a mixture of phenyl oxalate ester.
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Yes it will. All you have to do is keep it in the freezer for aboutan hour, then crack it again and it'll begin to glow. It will notglow as bright as it did the first time though.
you wash it and if it doesnt work try again.
put them in the freezer for an hour and then take them out and crack them
Yes, a glow stick produces light by means of a chemical change.
When ever you wanna slow down the process of it glowing
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Phenyl oxalate and flourescent dye.
Mainly a transparent tube, airtight lid, phenyl oxalate, and hydrogen peroxide.
Obviously it is not that thick. The vile inside breaks when you bend a glow stick. Therefore, the vile is very fragile and thin, so it is easy to break.
Yes. Most brands of glow sticks are waterproof. Sometimes it depends on the color
No None of them can kill you.
in the cold. best around 55 deg. F
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The warmer conditions the glow stick is in the brighter it will light up but for a short amount of time . However, on low temperature conditions the glow stick will light up for a longer time period but it will not light up as bright
It depends on where you get them, they can cost 99 cents to 5 dollars.
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It is a chemical change because when you shake it and crack it, chemicals are released that give off a glow.
If you leave it out, it just turns white instrad of the glowing color.
You can if you want to I know because my sister tried it and it still glows. So the answer is yes
water,hydrogen peroxide, luminol, sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonate, copper sulfate penta-hydrate
Call the poison control center and don't monkey around with advice about possible poisons from some random yahoo on the internet. (One thing it almost certainly contains are peroxides, which are generally bad news when you ingest them.) Call 800-376-4766 for free professional advice regarding a...
a chemist Ed Chandaroess
No, they may vomit..safiest thing to do is take to a veternarian or call Poison Control for a check-up. But not death!
no acid is in glow sticks. Glow sticks usually have two chemicals that react with each other to create chemiluminescence, by giving off energy in the form of light
the original purpose of glow sticks was to just create light because At the time it was quite a remarkable achievement because either electrical mains or battery were the energy sources for most light producing devices. so when glow sticks were created; something that provides light without the use...
Yes it is. If you put a activated glow stick in hot water the atoms in a glow stick will start to move around. The plastic will expand letting the atoms move. When the atoms move they create energy, energy equals bright light. If you were to put the activated glow stick in room temperature water it...
Glow sticks do not "capture" light. The light is produced by a chemical reaction. See the related link for a more in-depth discussion.
forever i think or 6 to 8 hours
I usually use coolglow.com, they are reasonably priced and quality is great. They also have a 10% off coupon that is valid till April 30, 2011: CGAH105
No, glow sticks don't last forever. They have a limited life, and it will depend on the stick. Some last for a few minutes, and others last many hours. Size, construction, chemical composition and temperature will generally set the length of life.
you should call the posion control center. even though most glowsticks are non toxic, you never know what effect it will have on a toddler.
it isn't a type of plastic. it is a fluid that resides within it! :)
it would take all the energy out of the glowstick and no it willnot make it bright dont do it
A liquid fills up the container to the shape of the container. The particles in a liquid are close together but can still move past one another.
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They contain chemicals, some of which are in a fragile glass (or possibly brittle plastic) container to keep them separated. When you snap the stick, the internal container breaks and allows the chemicals to mix, starting the reaction that produces the light.
No, a glow stick cannot be reused. When the stick is broken, the chemicals, which have been held separate, are released. They will mix and begin the reaction that releases the light. The reaction will continue until the chemicals are "used up" and the stick stops glowing. The light stick cannot then...
Glow sticks glow in cold and warm water, but they last longer in warm water.
Go to the top right - hand corner and you will see a bag. Click on it and a drop down list will come down. Click the drop down arrow and click on early poptropica. A bunch of little squares will appear and move your mouse through them until you find the glowstick. Click on use. (You have to be in...
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A light stick or glow stick is a plastic tube with a vial in it. The instructions say to snap the stick from the middle section. When you snap the tube, it breaks the glass vial. This allows the chemicals in the glass to mix with the chemicals stored in the plastic. Once the substances contact each...
Yes,But it isn't as bright, and microwaving makes them last longer and glow brighter. I would'NT microwave them for longer than 20-30 seconds. Hope I helped (:
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yes a glow stick is plasma. A glow stick is plasma because its charged particle. also its carry electrical currents and generate magenetic flatland its 99% visible universe.
Glow sticks will stain your hair, clothes, and skin. (It is non-toxic, though). After a while, it will wash off.
The cheesy ones from dollar tree, a night. Walmart brand tends to stay for a day or two. Freezing them helps
Glow sticks are like firecrackers - they are a one-shot deal. That's it.
i doubt it, how do you even fit it in your mouth, let alone swallow it?
Contact Poison Control Immediately! US National Poison Helpline 1-800-222-1222 More and more of these are being created using non-toxic chemicals, butt there are still dangers associated with these items. Most are not considered deadly, but they aren't healthy.
You can bring a dead glow stick back to life. Put the dead glow stick in the freezer, leave in there for at least 3 hours, then take the glow stick out and 1) put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds no more than 25 seconds (may be dangerous) or 2) put them in a glass of hot/warm water until they...
You can not make a glow stick glow after it has burned out, but you can make it glow longer by putting it in a freezer.
They light up because of chemoluminescence. Basically, there's a chemical reaction going on, and one of the products of that reaction is energy in the form of light.
yeah, just put the glowstick in the freezer, it wont glow as muchbut it lasts longer!
Yes. The materials they contain, those causing the luminescence (glowing), are carcinogenic and highly toxic (they cause cancer and they kill stuff). You should never feed a cat, or any animal, a glowstick. Come to that, you should never throw them in the trash, but take them to a hazardous...
when the two chemicals mix together
no there not toxic it will just make the cat sick for a few days don't worry it won't die
you can make a glow stick last longer by putting it in hot water. the heat makes the atoms inside move around faster which keeps the glow glow longer and brighter
you can make a glow stick last longer by putting it in hot water. the heat makes the atoms move around faster which keeps the glow glow longer!!
No. Glow stick uses a rather complicated chemical reaction that involves, among other things, hydrogen peroxide and a fluorescent dye.
Bending a glowstick is a chemical change because when it is bent, two chemicals are mixed together forming a very small glow but bright enough to see in the dark. The chemicals cannot be separated after being put together.
Glow sticks are generally made of a fairly tough but flexible translucent outer casing of plastic, and an inner capsule of thin glass. The pair of chemicals that are responsible for the chemiluminescence are held inside and are kept separated until the glow stick is deployed. One of the chemicals is...
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you bend it and it should make a cracking noise and turn off the lights! if it dosent work try bending it some more!
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Yes they do. They are often at the front of the store in large bins. 15 in a package for about $1 - $1.50 depending where you are. Ask the store when you get in. I buy 10 packs at a time, that's 150 glowsticks for about $10-$15 depending on the store.
I think the pink glowstick lasts the longest.