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Coins and Paper Money

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Please include as many of these criteria as possible in your question to ensure an accurate evaluation of a coin: the denomination, the country of origin, the year of minting and the condition.
If it's not CRISP uncirculated (no pin holes, folds, tears) not  worth more than face value. There were 45,360.000 printed, in very  fine condition value around $9.00, in choice condition about  $$25.00, & in gem CRISP condition $$55.00.
It current silver prices 1.19 USD. However it will be difficult to  determine an exact collectors price without seeing the coin itself.
These bills are retired, try taking them to an exchange bank toconvert it to a modern denomination.
Minimum of $24, one in perfect condition can be worth $8100 or  more.
It's worth 2 cents for the copper content.
"Confoederatio Helvetica" is the Latin name for Switzerland. Your coin is not unusual and has an exchange value of about $1.10 as of 09/2012
For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. The 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter is a high mintage common coin. Most coins show heavy wear. In general retail values for low grade coins are $5.00-$13.00, better grade are $15.00-$50.00 and coins showing almost no wear run...
1917 makes it a Standing Liberty quarter, so the mint mark is just above and to the left of the date (the mint mark on quarters wouldn't return to the obverse again until 1968). No mark indicates Philadelphia, S is San Francisco, and D is Denver.
W is the monogram of the designer, A. A. Weinman. Mint marks were on the backs of most coins up till 1968 and in any case the West Point Mint didn't exist in 1942. Please see the Related Question.
Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question with more information that might help to identify it. A search of various German numismatic resources indicates that production of 5-mark coins ended in 1915 and didn't resume until 1927. If your coin has a denomination of 5 pfennige ,...
If in England, then about 40p.
Someone used a metal punch to alter a normal 1948 cent. That means it has no collector value, and is only worth a cent.
Not unless they're older than 1953 and in new or almost new condition. $2 bills are legal US currency. Anything dated 1976 or later is only worth $2 in circulated condition. There are a lot of myths and legends about $2 bills being rare, or even "cursed". All of them are completely FALSE.
Please look at the coin again to find the name of the country. All  modern Mexican coins prominently show the country's name (Estadios  Unidos Mexicanos, as you correctly surmised)
1953 red print two dollar bills can be broken up into four  different types by signature combination:   1953 - Ivy Baker Priest (Treasurer of The United States) and G.M.  Humphrey (Secretary of the Treasury)   1953A - Ivy Baker Priest and Robert B Anderson   1953B - Elizabeth Rudel Smith...
The value depends on the type and severity of the the error. If  nothing else, it contains two cents' worth of copper.
 Value of a Canadian centennial dollar coin - 1 dollar 1967 prices  and values 
It's a novelty item called a magician's coin, and has no collector value.
$16.38 (US Dollars) $18.65 (Canadian Dollars)(These are the prices of what the coin is going for on EBay.
If it has one, it's on the reverse just above the letters DO in dollar. All mintmarks for Morgan dollars are in the same location.
It's worth 10 cents in Canada.
The blue seal indicates your bill is a silver certificate, a form  of paper money issued until the early 1960s. However there were no  1923 A $1 silver certificates printed, only 1923. If that's what  you have, as of 11/2014 approximate prices are:    Circulated: $6 to $35 depending on the...
The only nickels that ever contained any silver were the famous "war nickels" struck from mid-1942 to the end of 1945. They're distinguished by a gray color when tarnished and by the presence of a very large mint mark letter over the dome of Monticello.
Check on the back to see if it has a mint mark letter. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 01/2010: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $2200 Moderately worn - $4380 Slightly worn - $5720 Almost no wear - $15,632 Uncirculated - $29,380 to $168,750...
people died in paris attacks
Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question with  the name of the country that issued it. Several countries use pesos  as their currency.
More information is needed to make an accurate valuation. If the coin is about the size of a quarter and has either a picture of Sacagawea or a US president on the front, it's a modern $1 coin made of brass, not gold, and is worth exactly one dollar. Feel free to spend it - billions have been made.
Current retail value is $9.00 issue price was $9.00
I'm not 100% sure values change all the time check cointracker.com  that has the best results
There are a range of coins it could be, so if you write thedescription of the coin into a website called Numista it shouldcome up with an accurate search result :)
The intrinsic value of a 1952 penny would be 0.93 cents at the  approximate current value of copper.  As for its numismatic value, that varies from year to year.  Currently it might be worth as much as $4.00 in excellent  condition, otherwise it might be worth around fifteen cents. 
Yes, many.    > Any dime dated 1964 or earlier is made of a 90% silver alloy  so its melt value is about 0.07 times the current price of 1 troy  ounce of silver.    > Early-date Roosevelt dimes and nearly all Mercury dimes have a  collector value of at least $2 or $3. Mercury...
The following is quoted from www.coinfacts.com, a site operated by PCGS: Called the "King of Morgan Dollars", the 1895 is one of the most desirable and sought-after dates in the series. Although Mint records indicate a mintage of 12,000 circulation strikes, experts believe that only 880 Proofs were...
Exchange rates change every day so any specific answer posted herebecomes out of date almost immediately. As of 04 Feb 2015, 100Jamaican dollars is only worth about 86 US cents. While it's not Answers.com policy to say "use the Internet", that'sthe best approach for an up-to-date answer. You can...
Coins become valuable when they are minted with errors. This is  also based on the quantity of coins with errors, as well.  Another way that coins may become valuable is when they are very  old.  And yet another way is if they are made from a precious metal.  Coins that are minted from a high...
Well as we all know a penny is copper colored and is a little  bigger than a dime.
The "Mercury Head" design was only used on dimes minted from 1916 to 1945. The design used on quarter-eagles from 1840 to 1907 is simply a representation of Miss Liberty.
Around $40 but if you put it up on Ebay and get lucky you could get  up to $100.
1900 morgan silver 1886 indian head penny
I have had this coin for almost 20 yrs. I bought mine for 50.00 in 1992 0r 93. I would value the coin in mint condition at around 80.00 US dollars. This coin will skyrocket over the next 10 years to about 500 US dollars when Shaquille goes into the Basketball HOF
Upwards of $100.00 according to some sources.
Given that Hitler was a mortal enemy of the US, Nazi Germany would never have issued dollar coins. Its value is would be given in Reichsmarks, the currency of the Nazi regime. That said, 1937 5 RM pieces were made of 90% silver and carry a portrait of former Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg. As of 03...
The words Trade Dollar are on the reverse of the coins.
its value is how we made peace we made with the French ALSO we need pennies for in the future because the U.S. is going to stop making pennies so save every pe
Original Jefferson Peace Medals sell for $500+ ... 20th century  restrikes for about $50 ... modern replicas $2-$5 ... now you have  to find out which one you have!
The coin is a Barber quarter and most are circulated and show heavy wear with retail values at $3.00-$5.00 better grade coins are $15.00-$30.00
A camel is a horse like animal with a distinctive hump on it's  back. These animals are not known to hibernate.
Current retail value for a Liberty Head 1903 Double Eagle is $1,490.00 in the grade of MS-60
Current retail value for this date/mint Morgan in MS-64 is $500.00
A date is needed before your coin's vale can be estimated. Please  post a new, separate question. It's helpful if you phrase it in the  form "What is the value of a <date> Canadian nickel?"
The United States five-dollar bill ($5) , U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's portrait on the front and the Lincoln Memorial on the back
Well, I'm not a coin-collector but a numismatist. The description  you gave, makes it certain that it is a coin from Thailand.
I know you wont believe this but... it is worth exactly... One dollar... surprising, isn't it?   CORRECTION!! Silver dollars minted up till 1935 were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. The silver gives them a melt value of around $16 as of mid-2010. However, different dates, conditions, and mint...
1927 is not a rare date .. in average condition, it's worth about a  dollar
thirteen arrows are in the foot of the eagle and the thirteen hats are above the head of the eagle in the seal on the back of the dollar bill.
It is worth 5 cents In the United States
Sorry, no 1897 Carson City Morgan's were struck, the last year was 1893
This coin is no longer in circulation, having been replaced by euro-cent coins in 2002. At the exchange rate in effect at the time, it was worth about a nickel.
The first official and deliberate use was in 1850, in Switzerland. Nickel was part of the alloy, with other metals such as copper and silver. Ancient coins from Bactria dating back to 200BCE had nickel in their composition (almost in the same proportion as modern day issues) but it was not known to...
Retail values of this date/mint Morgan in circulated condition are fairly high at $530.00 in the low grade of G-4 because the coin is rare in all grades. If you actually have a example of this coin I suggest having it graded by one of the professional grading services.
$1 if very worn, $3 if moderately worn, $8 if nearly new. Also, the coin is a penny (actually a cent) rather than "pennie"
Top right and lower left corners of the front.
The 1998 Silver Eagle is a bullion coin and it's value follows the spot price of silver and as of today 1-31-10 value is $16.19 per ounce, so that's the coins value.
You are asking about a 5 Drachmai coin from Greece (KM#71.1 or 71.2). What you are reading as "eaahnikh ahmokpatia" is actually the Greek words "ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΕΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ" which are pronounced "(H)ellenik(eh) Democratia" and mean "(the) Greek Democracy". The front of the coin bears an...
If you are talking of the Us 2 dollar bill, yes it is legal tender. If you are talking of the Australian 2 dollar bill, then no as it is no longer a circulated denomination except in the form of a coin.
Most star notes are not rare, although some are worth a bit more  than their ordinary counterparts.    Star notes are bills that are printed to replace others that were  damaged during production and therefore not delivered to banks. The  name "star note" is given because they have special...
1¢ It's either plated or has been exposed to a chemical that changed its color. That's a frequent experiment in high school chemistry.
If it's dated 1867 you can be 100% sure it's a fake. Remember your US history - the Confederacy lost the Civil War in 1865.
1942 is a common date Lincoln cent with low values of 3 to 10 cents for circulated coins, only uncirculated coins have better values in the range of 75 cents to $1.25 depending on the grade.
The wheat ears appearing on cents minted from 1909 to 1958 honored the power of American agriculture.
To clear things up:   The only nickels that have any silver are "war nickels" made  from 1942-45. All others are made of 75% copper and 25%  nickel.  The buffalo image was used on nickels from 1913 to 1938; all  1900 nickels carry a picture of Miss Liberty  Coins are said to be struck or...
Uncirculated for 10/15 US dollars
If it is uncirculated, a dealer would probably want $1 for it. But don't try to sell him another one because he probably already has a ton of them in the back room and would be happy to get $3 for a roll
Please post a new question with the bill's denomination. Every denomination from $5 to $100 was printed in that series.
The US stopped issuing fractional currency (i.e. any bills worth  less than $1) in the 19th century. Please post a new, separate  question with more information that might help to ID your bill.
In the Peace dollar series proof coins were only struck in 1921 & 1922 and the proofs of those years are valued at $55,000.00-$80,000.00
Retail values are $178.00- $300.00 for circulated coins. Uncirculated are $378.00+
It indicates which Federal Reserve district that requested the bill. There are 12 districts with letters from A (Boston) to L (San Francisco). When retail banks in a district need additional bills, their request is sent to the Federal Reserve bank in the district where they're located. That...
The 1960 Benjamin Franklin half dollar can be worth 15.00 dollars or more. The specific value of the coin will vary depending on its condition.
1889 was the last year for a $1.00 US gold coin. look at the coin again an post new question
Assuming the coin has no mint mark and is circulated retail values are $10.00-$22.00 for most coins.
This coin has .96750oz of pure gold, the total weight of the coin is 33.436 grams.
A US quarter dated 1915 does contain 90% silver, so yes it is silver
Retail values for most circulated coins are $14.00-$26.00 depending on grade.