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Investment of capital in money markets, capital markets, commodities markets, and foreign exchange markets
Most of us buy life insurance plan to protect our households in case we die. But even we buy a term plan that that will last for years; we do not actually assume to pass away throughout that time. If your program passed through underwriting, that is a good sign that the life insurance company does n…
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Bonds are a form of indebtedness that is sold to the public in set increments, normally in the neighborhood of $1000. In return for loaning the debtor the money, the lender gets a piece of paper that stipulates how much was lent, the agreed-upon interest rate, how often interest will be paid, and th…
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FINANCIAL ADVISORS If the amount is truly large, you should start looking for a financial advisor (preferably a Certified Financial Planner). If the large sum is received as the result of an inheritance, the estate attorney should be able to recommend someone. For a fee, the financial planner will s…
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You have to remember all the large investment banks have now either been absorbed by bank holding companies, filed for bankruptcy, and have reorganized into bank holding companies. The biggest problem in the past has been over leveraging investments, and running the risk of becoming illiquid and thi…
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Concentration Banking is system whereby customers make payments to a regional collection center which transfers the funds to a the principal bank. Acceleration of cash collections from customers by having funds sent to several geographically situated regional banks and transferred to a main concent…
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Yes. It's referred to as a living trust. An attorney can set one up for a nominal fee. another protection against law suits and bankrupcy are qualified IRA's. These, I have heard, are protected against the above DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SELL YOU A "LIVING TRUST". A "living tr…
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Most of the major Canadian online brokers charge very similar fees (why am I not surprised!) For example the TD-Waterhouse minimum trade is $29.00, which I find too expensive. There seem to be two alternatives - "Questrade" and "Canadian Interactive Brokers". The basic web-based platforms of these t…
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A non-profit organization is one that, by law, is unable to hold or distribute profits like a "for-profit" organization can. This means that the non-profit company is required by law to redistribute any "profits" back into the company (in the form of salaries, new capital, etc), or to other non-pro…
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The name of the street derives from the fact that during the 17th Century, it formed the northern boundary of the New Amsterdam settlement where the Dutch had constructed a crude wall of timer and earthwork. The wall was meant as a defense against attack from Lenape Indians, New England colonists, …
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Basically the same way you'd would find funding for any small business, I would think.You can try finding investors, to take out a loan - either from family (but borrowing money from family or friends is never wise, IMO) or a loan institution.Visit the SBA's website sba.gov and check out the info th…
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ANSWER If you are asking as an industry for a possible career, then it is possible to make a very good living in both. Some of the highest paying jobs are in the financial and brokerage sector. Remember, you almost always work as a broker- meaning that you are a full time salesperson. Brokers ar…
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Answer They bring liquidity to the to the table. Which in turn enhances the process of cash flow to the business. Answer One reason institutional investors are important to the current business world is that they can have more clout than individual investors. Because they can own large bl…
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Depreciation does not generate cash flow. If a million dollar piece of equipment is purchased, an accountant would reflect that the company now owns a million dollar asset. Without depreciation, the company would still show a million dollar asset on the books even though we all know the equipment's …
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The behavior should not be governed by egoistic thinking but rather by an understanding of what has future for the society (for nature, for the planet) as a whole. We can call them moral rules. Also are called ethics. We have such rules already coded in our emotions as a result of evolutionary sel…
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Answer Shareholders are very sensitive to this and when changes take place that are negative a stock can fall in price (and keep falling for that matter). Astute investors pay attention to the details of the company seeking early clues to problems the company may acknowledge several weeks or month…
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Answer Hard to say, because a lot more than just the condition of the asset comes into play. But assuming condition was the ONLY factor, the better the condition of the asset is, the more likely you are to buy it and, in comparison to other similar assets, the higher the price of the asset will b…
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1. Interest rate at any given time. A. as determined by market factors. B. Influenced by Federal reserve. 2. time to maturity. short,intermediate, or long term. 3. Coupon, rate of interest at the time of issuance.Also of importance is whether or not the bond is Callable.That is redeemable by the iss…
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As a rule of thumb, it never hurts to get rid of the loan early. The more credit you are trying to build, the more your score will increase if you pay the loan off with the regularly scheduled payments. This especially holds true for unsecured loans.That said, there are some loans that contain pre-p…
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Answer The "Best" place to research all information written through books, magazines, and e-zines, is through lexis-nexus. They will charge you 3 dollars a copy though. Go to forbes or fortune magazine or your local newspaper microphish.
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Although New York is home to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange many of the large banks, insurance companies, equity firms and other investment oriented companies are headquarted in or around Boston, MA making that the true Finance capital of America.Any city that is deserving of the title …
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Well in any organization there needs to be a mix of financing sources, so even though you will choose debt over equity, in some instances to satisfy some interest parties equity must be used. So there lies your answer. there is no text book answer. it is more practical. The major reasons are: Thoug…
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Sensex refers to "Sensitivity Index" and is generally associated with the stock market indices. There are currently two major stock exchanges in India, The Bombay Stock exchange (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange (NSE). The BSE Sensex is an indicator of all the major companies of the BSE. The …
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Nominal Interest A nominal interest rate is the interest rate that does not compensate for inflation. This is used in relation to "effective interest rate" or "real interest rate." " Real Interest Rate = Nominal Interest Rate - Inflation Rate " Improvement suggested by Palash Bagchi.
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In my Point Of View Off antipode breadth usually bureau an asset or accountability or costs movement not on the accession antipode sheet. An analysis of costs in which abounding basal expenditures are kept off of a company's antipode breadth through different allocation methods. Companies will about…
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Answer interest rate and risk are the only two factors involved in your question. if money is tight, then people are gonna charge you more to use it-hence increase in interest. also if the economy is red-hot the federal reserve steps in and says, "lets raise interest rates and everyone will…
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Because debt is a fixed amount that can be repaid, with the owners of the business retaining full ownership after repayment. Equity makes one an owner of a (presumably) growing business and therefore of potentially huge value and an indeterminate loss to the original owners.  I am not sure I …
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Answer The greater the down payment, the more favorable the terms of the loan/lease.
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Answer Sure, profit maximization relates to profits *only* while shareholder wealth also involves total company equity, debt ratios and any of 15 other financial performance measure ratios. Management could focus on profit maximization over a longer period of time, say, 40 years (Toyota), while t…
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Risk-Free Investing While there is no truly risk-free investment, bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government are the closest thing to a risk-free investment. This would include Treasury Bills, Notes, or Bonds. You can buy these bonds yourself without using a broker by setti…
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Answer go to hoovers.com
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No, He is Satan.
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Answer Here is a good explanation of what you have been asking for about California Overnight Dividends http://stockideas.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=379
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The guy in the commercial is named Roger Conover. He's an actor, NOT the founder of the company. Fact is JG Wentworth (the person) does not exist. I know this because I worked for the company from June 1998 to September 2009 in Fort Lee, New Jersey.
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Here are some opinions from our community: I would caution you against using eBay. I stopped selling silver there because you will by FAR get you the worst price. Between the eBay fees and PayPal fees, you will lose 11% right off the bat. Not to mention deadbeat bidders, scam artists, etc. Most …
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Investing on the stock market can be good for that. generally putting money in the bank is a good idea too. at the moment investing is possibly the best idea. however dont invest in anything you dont understand, and generally make sure you buy when the prices are low. The first step toward gaining…
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ukrainian banks appreciate the grivna purposefully. unlike the u.s. dollar, which is regulated in large by the state of the economy, appreciation or depreciation in different countries regulates differently than here in the u.s.. the heads of the ukrainian banks (of which are largely national bank…
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it means plural of index, such as the S&P 500 index, DOW JONES INDEX, and NASDAQ. When reporters mention "Indices" it's referring to how all parts of the financial markets, a collective of each index, is performing.
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Financial markets transfer funds from those who have excess funds to those who need funds. I think you can mean also forex as a financial market.
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stock market is one place where immense investments take place, investments in company boosts stock market to rise & where risk is determined it falls down, perfectly call the bull market when stock market rises & bear market when falls down. http://oilprices-today.com I'm assuming that …
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How they should be used in fundraising in relation to the possible financial distress?
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Not anymore. E. F. Hutton used to be one of the most highly respected brokerages in the world. They now belong to Citigroup. Another answer EF Hutton is an active financial company. The firm returned to the market in in 2012. The leadership team includes the grandson of the founder, Edward F. Hutton…
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One crore is 10 million. So, one billion is equal to 100 crore or 1000 million.
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Ratios can provide clues to the company's performance or financial situation. However, it will not show whether performance is good or bad. Ratio's require additional quantitative information for an informed analysis to be made.
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It is when your revenue growth is faster than your cost growth.
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Eureka. Archimedes realized that it was important and useful in determining the density of objects. But before him, some boy probably noticed that sticks float.
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Holiday Inn
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Back-ah-LOR-ee-et The "et" rhymes with "set" or "pet"
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A great place to see real reviews on Forex Brokers is ForexPeaceArmy. Be very careful when using retail brokers as there are a lot of scams and dishonesty.
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Difficulty of changing spending levels, predicting the future, and delayed results. Also, political pressures, and coordinating fiscal policy.
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Yes it is a scheduled commercial bank in india
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Yes suggested revision In some ways, it is an asset. It can provide the owner a great location to relax and have fu during vacation week. However, it has a corresponding liability. The owner must pay the increasing maintenance fees. ans addressing above In all ways the property, like your house or…
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Sense of audience and purpose :)
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To plough back profits is to reinvest the profits into future business activities.To plough back profits is the alternative to distributing profits. Distributing profits is done by paying shareholders dividends. A company may decide to pay a proportion of profits as dividend and to reinvest (plough …
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Selling items in a regular store, such as in a mall or freestanding; as opposed to selling for wholesale, which is selling a large quantity at a discount, such as to stores for resale.
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The main difference between quick and current ratios is the inventory. In cases where inventory value is in -ve (ie, stale goods and disposing them off takes money. hence, the net value of inventory goes -ve), CR < QR [addition of -ve qty] HTH
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Practice a money building plan called the Million Dollar Penny! It doesn't matter HOW much money you have, what matters is WHAT do you DO with that money! If you KNOW what to do, you can take ANY amount of money, even as little as a penny that you find on the sidewalk, and build it up to a million d…
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usually branded and expensive commodities have elastic demand because its quantity demanded is effected highly by its change in price
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limited receptive communication skills = a difficulty language.Often it can mean difficulty understanding oral directions, question forms (who? what? where? when? why? questions) and basic concepts of time, space and quantity.
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Yes they can, in fact it is well known that when companies look for investment bankers, chartered accountants are the types of people that they consider.
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Portfolio management service is a huge business today. There is stiff competition which makes it difficult for the investor to choose a good manager. However, this can be sorted out by taking his previous history and performance into account. One limitation faced, is the authority given to the manag…
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Beta is a number that describes how the volatility of a stock varies with a nominated benchmark index. It's the covariance of the stock with respect to the index divided by the variance of the index. The related link contains more information
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Preference share holders have the highest preference of getting their investment bank when the company goes bankrupt. The company has fulfill its obligation by selling its assets. Here the preference first comes to preference share holders and then debenture holders and then equity holders.
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Supply chain management, lean production and process Analysis, Business process mapping, Operation Research, Decision of Operation management and operating strategy.
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Warren Buffet reads New York Times Washington Post Omaha Newspaper Financial Times WSJ - He can't live without the Wall Street Journal. His favorite of all newspapers.
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Generally human tendency is always thinking about future as the future is uncertain. In economics when income increases consumption also increases but less than proportionately. This is because everyone wants to save some portion of their income for their future. The reason for India for not so affe…
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A staged investment is, generally speaking, an investment in which the entire amount is not invested up front at the time of the the initial funding. Instead, a portion is initially invested and the remaining amount is invested over time based upon the achievement of agreed upon milestones.This tech…
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Finance may be defined as the commercial activities through which banks, financial institutions generate and distribute fund for capital building of industries, inculcate the habit of commercial activities among the public. The Finance Ministry which overall looks after the affairs of Finance of a c…
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no it cant i asked my dad the same question
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An ok trade from the point of view of any investor is a trade where he/she is making a profit. For ex: if u buy shares of walmart today at $10 and sell them next week for $15 then it's an ok trade for me. But if I sell it next week for $8 then it is not an ok trade
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It is very difficult to differentiate yourself in the investment banking field. Barclays has a rich UK tadition in commercial banking. With the acquistion of Lehman Brothers they have moved grown into a serious competitor in the US. Reputation and relationships are the primary ways that any banks co…
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Merchants try to manipulate the price of commodities by controlling the amount available for sale. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When Brazil grew most of the world's coffee, they could control the price by only selling it when it would fetch a certain price. At that point, a number o…
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Basically there is no absolute plug number. It differs from one firm to another.Say for instance: a starting fast growth High-tech firm normally will have higher ratio than a mature profitable one.The same goes from industry to industry: transportation VS pharmaceuticals.Conclusion: each firms has i…
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As of 2009, the respective countries involved in studies at CERN include:Germany - 144,0 Mio€France - 111,2 Mio€United Kingdom - 106,5 Mio€Italy - 83,4€Spain - 61,8€The Netherlands - 34,7 Mio€Switzerland - 21,8 Mio€Poland - 20,7 Mio€Belgium - 20,1 Mio€Sweden - 20,0 Mio€Norway - …
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Correcting this answer. While the stock markets are only open during the week, the stock index futures markets open on Sunday evening at 6PM ET.
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First of all it is wheat. Argentina is one of the mjor wheat suppliers in the world. Soybeans and Maze are there as well, but the volumes are not that big. It is also an important local beef supplier.
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they use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
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There is not currently one. You would need a degree in Finance, Accountancy or Mathematics with Business as a secondary.
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spending be firm in acquiring the capital goods and inventories Capital and Gold is good investment planning. Gold investments are sure to yield the best profits to us.
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The aforementined word negative numbers are relative but in the real sense of trading there are certain parameters we are going to consider before selecting numbers in trading to have more light on this,there is a software that helps in executing this.Here is where you can have more tips on this.deb…
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It's not very clear from your question if you want to create a personalized stock index or you want information about the BSE Sensex and other stock indices on your website. If it's the latter, then lots of finance portals like moneycontrol.com, sharekhan.com, etc. have that info, so I would think i…
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Brazil Germany US London Japan
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The stockarket is an example of perfect competition in that everyone has the same chances of ups and downs in a certain market. Laws also help to ensure it's perfect competition by makin insider trading illegal. In theory, a stock market is perfect competition. However, in reality, it is actually a…
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Presuming the firm is acting rationally maximising profits equates to maximising shareholder/stakeholder value. Maximising production is not always congruent with maximising profits especially where a) you are left with huge unsold inventories) or b) the marginal cost of production exceeds the margi…
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on the basis of projects having higher npv
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article, asset, belonging, goods, material, object, produce, product, property, and specialty.
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Scale of operations means the volume in which production is been made. For example : volume , liters, Tonnes, Gallons, Pieces etm.It is simply the unit of the Product produced during a course of operations.Hope this gives a brief idea about Scale of Operations.Take Care.- jigyasa thakur, PGDM, Pune,…
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1) Called 2) Cleared 3) Cloud 4) Cooled 5) Chronic Liver Disease 6) Chronic Lung Disease can also mean Credit Limit Decrease
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The stock market crash actually taught a valuable lesson to all investors. The lesson is that, don't keep all your eggs in the same basket. Because of the great bull run in the days before the crash, people were so confident of the stock market that they felt it would never crash. So people invested…
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Financial deepening usually refers to the improvement or increase in the pool of financial services that are tailored to all the levels in the society. It also refers to the increase in the ratio of money supply to GDP/Other price index which ultimately postulates that the more liquid money is avail…
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LinkedIn shares will begin trading under the symbol LNKD.
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No-- for example MicroSoft is one of the Dow thirty and its primary trading exchange is the Nasdaq-NMS
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Simple Truth Pay is a membership site where members buy "spots" for $45. Once a member pays for a spot, that money is distributed to other members. The difference between Simple Truth Pay (STP) and other sites like it is STP charges a fee from the start instead of deducting fees (usually 69%) from …
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Knowone. That's how they get away with fraud every day.
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becasue of hentler
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Amul is not the name of a company. It is a trademark, owned by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.
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they use statistics to calculate raises or drops in points in the Dow Jones and other stocks. you can take the AP statistics to learn how to do this.
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